Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Book Releases From Little Tiger

I love a good bit of book post and I was recently sent some fantastic new releases from Little Tiger. The first a book aimed at children aged 1-4 introducing them to counting and colours and the second is an interactive adventures book aimed at 3-6 year olds packed with puzzle and activities.


Both books are filled with wonderful illustrations and are just perfect for a little bit of learning whilst reading.


10, 9, 8 . . . OWLS UP LATE

A beautifully illustrated book teaching counting skills, which concludes with a cosy ending, making it the perfect bed-time book.


Now my youngest daughter only recently turned 5 so this book still appealed greatly to her. With plenty of rhyming words and an abundance to see on each page, this book not only introduces kids to the world of numbers but you can also look at colours.


With each page there are different insects and animals to be spotted amongst the trees and you could easily extend the book with activities such as making owls out of toilet paper.

If you have a younger child who you struggle to get to sleep you could use the idea of he numbers counting down as the amount of time until they need to lay down and close their eyes.


OWLS UP LATE is educational and entertaining but the tone of the book makes it a relaxing read, great for snuggling down in bed with.


Get ready for a summer of adventure. It's time for a totally wild chase ... LET'S GO!


I adored this book from the moment I looked at the front cover. It is busy and fast paced with so much to see and do. You honestly won't believe how long it kept my children entertained for, a great way to entice them away from the TV/computer.

Inside you go on a journey with two adventurers, along the way there are puzzles to solves and many things to identify. 


This book is like the wildlife version of Where's Wally. Animal lovers and adventurers alike will be thoroughly engaged with Wilfred and Olbert, the illustrations are fun and entertaining and with each animal found it gives children an excuse to go and research them, to find out more about the animal and their surroundings.


Turn your child into a young explorer with Wilfred and Olbert, along the way they will learn the importance of team work and of course there is that all important prize to claim at the end.

Get ready, set .... read

Both these fantastic books are available to purchase from Little Tiger now, so waste no time in getting your copy today.

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  1. These look a great couple of books. I think it's really sweet that the owls aid in getting littlies to sleep and the images are lovely.


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