Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Celebrating World Space Week With Puffin Books and Ora

The lovely guys at Puffin Books have teamed up Ora in order to celebrate World Space Week. The theme for this year is 'exploring new worlds in space' and what better way to celebrate than getting crafty.

I'll admit my children have no dreams of becoming astronauts but they love the idea of space, things out of this would so when they were kindly sent a copy of Tim Peake's, Goodnight Spaceman (perfect for this occasion) along with some Ora kitchen towels and a pallet of paint so that they could get involved too they were excited to get creative.


The craft which I'm about to show you involves making your own Goodnight Spaceman scene, thankfully this can all be done safely from your own home, no actual flying into space is needed! You can take a look at the Puffin Books site to get to full step by step guide on just how to create your own Goodnight Spaceman Scene but before that please do take a look at what my kids managed to conjure up:






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