Monday, 21 May 2018

Read With Me 2018 #20

Hello and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. A big thank you to everyone who linked up with last week.


I seem to have been leaning towards the crime/thriller genres this year instead of my normal YA novels. It's nice in a way as that is what my mum prefers to read which means I can talk to her a bit more about different books and of course pass over any paperbacks I might have.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Sunday Photo 2018 #20

A couple of weekends ago we went out for a nice walk in the sunshine with one of the girls' aunties and their lovely dog. It turned out to be a bit of a muddy walk, it had me questioning my choice of footwear but it was still nice to get outdoors. 

We were wandering through the woods and happened to stumble across this pretty epic den, what a way to make the most of nature! 


Friday, 18 May 2018

Celebrating #NationalSandwichWeek with Num Noms

Sandwiches, I love them. They are sort of my guilty pleasure, if I'm honest I spend quite a lot of time creating them and making them look just as nice as they taste. A few of my favourites are chicken, bacon and avocado and the best cheese toastie with strong cheese, avocado, bacon and my secret ingredient, brussels, that's right brussel sprouts! Now you may be thinking why am I chatting away about sandwiches and I'll tell you it's because it's National Sandwich Week!

For #NationalSandwichWeek (get spreading the hashtag), I've joined up Num Noms to bring you a pretty scrummy sandwich creation, courtesy of my children.


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Mighty Muggs Collectibles Review

My girls love a collectible, I can confirm this with all of the small figures that I find around the house each time I'm attempting to clean our home (you know the one tidy one minute, like a bombs hit it the next). There's a new set of collectibles hitting toy shops, Mighty Muggs. And the assortment of figures available will appeal to everyone, boys or girls, child or adult.


What are Mighty Muggs?

This collection of figures are collectible figures, currently available in both Marvel and Star Wars ranges. They each feature a head that has a spinning mechanism and each turn of their head reveals a new facial expression, there are three to be found on each character.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Read With Me 2018 #19

Hello and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. I hope everyone is well and you are ready to share some bookpiration with the rest of us.


I've been looking ahead for the year and thinking about the summer holidays. I'm going away for a week during that time and I'm wondering whether I should be sensible and take my kindle to keep baggage weight down or do I sneak a couple of paperbacks in?

What do you normally do book wise when heading off on holiday?