Monday, 21 June 2021

Happy Ever After: Financial Freedom isn't a Fairytale by The Seven Dollar Millionaire Blog Tour

 I've always been quite level headed when it comes to money. I'm sensible, I try to budget and I do things like meal planning however I never seem to have anything spare left in the bank at the end of each month to try and save anything meaningful for the future.

And I'll be honest, I do worry about money (or lack there of it) I mean I have four daughters and I want to be able to contribute to their futures ie. university, weddings, houses etc. but with the cost of living rising it feels as though I won't be able to give them as much security as I'd like.

As if by fate, I was offered the chance to be a part of the blog tour for The Seven Dollar Millionaire's personal finance book, Happy Ever After: Financial Freedom isn't a Fairytale. 


Did you know you can become a millionaire by saving just $7 a day and investing for 7% returns? Probably not, because financial literacy is a subject that's overlooked by the vast majority of schools and universities, despite its importance to every single person on the planet.

Written initially for a teenage daughter and then turned into a course to train migrant workers, Happy Ever After: Financial Freedom Isn't a Fairy Tale focuses on the fundamentals of understanding money, saving and investing, showing how the magic of compound investing can transform tiny initial amounts into genuine wealth. Finally, it shows readers how to achieve the Freedom Formula of 25x your annual spending - that can set you free.

Perfect for anyone who hopes to make their future financially brighter than their present, or help their own children avoid mistakes they made, Happy Ever After has a playful tone, featuring a spoiled princess and talking frog, hand-illustrated to help explain some of the trickier ideas that can help change your life.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

The Family Tree by Steph Mullin and Nicole Mabry Blog Tour

I love a good who dunnit?

The guessing, the back and forth of just who could be the guilty party.

So when I was give the chance to read The Family Tree by Steph Mullin and Nicole Mabry, I knew I'd be kept speculating and I couldn't wait to start predicting where this story might lead me...


The DNA results are back. And there’s a serial killer in her family tree…

Liz Catalano is shocked when an ancestry kit reveals she’s adopted. But she could never have imagined connecting with her unknown family would plunge her into an FBI investigation of a notorious serial killer…

The Tri-State Killer has been abducting pairs of women for forty years, leaving no clues behind – only bodies.

Can Liz figure out who the killer in her new family is? And can she save his newest victims before it’s too late?

Monday, 14 June 2021

Reading Round Up 2021#24

 Hands up, who's still been enjoying some lovely weather?

I was still out in my garden reading at 8pm last night, perfect light and temperature, it was blissful!


My reading pace on the other hand, not so good (well by my own standards anyway) but her are a couple of quick reviews for you ...

Saturday, 12 June 2021

One Ordinary Day at a Time by Sarah J. Harris Blog Tour

 Something that always works well in books, girl meets boy, they fall in love, drama happens but in the end they belong together. What we don't necessarily see a lot of in novels is girl meets boy and they fall into a beautiful friendship.

But that's exactly what we get in Sarah J. Harris's latest novel One Ordinary Day at a Time and I for one found it an utter delight to read.

And with that said, welcome to my spot on the blog tour.



 Simon Sparks is the man you know from behind the counter at the local Prince Burger (‘hold the gherkin!’), fry shovelling, shelf stacking, hiding away from the world. And Jodie Brook is the single mum you see crossing the street with her son Zak – always chasing a dream she can’t reach.


 What if life could be so much more? When Simon and Jodie’s worlds collide, it upends everything they know. But in chaos comes opportunity. And for every person who’s ever doubted them, they find someone who’ll finally believe…


Monday, 7 June 2021

Reading Round Up 2021 #23

 That's it, half term is over.

Who else enjoyed a bit of glorious sunshine?

I'll admit, I didn't do as much reading as I had planned to do, the sun made me rather relaxed and sleepy during the day (and hot and bothered at night).


I did however make a good dent in my Netgalley list, which of course means I want to request more books now.

But on to what I did read ...