Wednesday, 22 September 2021

The Couple At No.9 by Claire Douglas Blog Tour

 Claire Douglas is one of those authors that I just know without reading the blurb that I am going to love her book, she isn't a bestseller for no reason. And I can say with 100% certainty that you guys are going to really enjoy her latest novel The Couple at No.9.

This is a twisty tale that draws you in closer with each chapter!


It was the house of their dreams. Until the bodies were found . . .


When pregnant Saffron Cutler moves into 9 Skelton Place with boyfriend Tom and sets about renovations the last thing she expects is builders uncovering a body - two bodies, in fact.


Forensics indicate the bodies have been buried at least thirty years. Nothing Saffy need worry herself over. Until the police launch a murder investigation and ask to speak to the cottage's former owner - her grandmother, Rose.


Rose is in a care home and Alzheimer's means her memory is increasingly confused. She can't help the police but it is clear she remembers something.


As Rose's fragmented memories resurface, and the police dig ever deeper, Saffy fears she and the cottage are being watched.

What happened thirty years ago?

Why did no one miss the victims?

What part did her grandmother play?

And is Saffy now in danger?

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Run Like a Girl Book Review

 I have to admit, I've never been the most sporty person. When I was at school (all those years ago) I would do anything to get out of doing P.E. . It just wasn't my thing.

Fast forward to more recent years, and although I'm still not big at partaking in sports I do love to watch them. 

My favourite has to be the paralympics. I just find them so inspiring.

So how appropriate - I think fate stepped in - was some recent book post that I received, Run Like a Girl by Danielle Brown.


All over the world, there are female athletes breaking barriers, pushing limits and achieving amazing things, but where did their journeys begin? And what challenges did they have to overcome to get where they are today? As well as giving an insight into their influences, motivations and achievements, each story reminds us that failing can teach us just as much as winning; success isn't limited to the sports field; and 'running like a girl' can lead you all the way to the top. Inspirational biographical stories from 50 of the world's top female athletes Illustrated spreads bring each story to life, with panels providing facts and best achievements.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Green Rising by Lauren James Blog Tour

 Lauren James is one of my favourite authors so I'm beyond pleased to not only be a part of the blog tour for her new book Green Rising but because I also get to share a letter from the lovely lady herself written for all of you to read.


So with out further ado I'll hand you over to Lauren:


Dear Reader,

Green Rising is about politics, standing up for what you believe in and taking direct action. Inspired by movements like Extinction Rebellion, I wanted to write about teenage activists who have the power to make real, decisive change in the climate crisis. It’s something which makes us all feel incredibly helpless, and climate fiction is often a depressing, dystopian look at our doomed future. I wanted to write a more optimistic, hopeful path forward to a better world, with clear instructions about what we should be doing next to fix the planet.

Monday, 13 September 2021

Ten Steps To Us by Attiya Khan Blog Tour

 So pleased to be a part of the blog tour for Attiya Khan's YA novel Ten Steps To Us.

This is the second Hashtag BLAK book for teens and young adults and I am here for it. I'm happy to see more diversity in books and this is a smart, informative look at not just teenagers growing up, but growing up with religion.


What if you met the boy of your dreams but loving him was forbidden?

Aisha Rashid is used to being invisible or bullied and overshadowed by best friend Isabelle. So no one is more surprised than her when Darren Brady, the hot new boy in school, takes an interest in her and not Isabelle. But Aisha is a devout hijab-wearing Muslim and Darren is off limits. Does she follow her heart even if it means losing her own identity? And is Darren really all that he seems? If only there was a way she could keep the boy and her faith. Maybe there is a way? All it takes are ten steps...

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Two Truths by Dana C Carver Blog Tour

 Jump on board my spot for the blog tour of Dana C Carver's novel Two Truths.

A tale of discovery with the use of religion as four family members essentially compete against each other whilst still trying to remain at one.

Complicated yet utterly fascinating all at the same time.


After the mysterious death of her husband, Renee's daughters - Brett, Sara and Hadley - become increasingly determined to explore the circumstances of his death, and in doing so tread a dangerous path. If Renee is to protect them, she must evolve in a way she has spent a lifetime avoiding.

As they follow the clues, Renee and her daughters come to terms with two Truths, taking each of them on a journey of self discovery. Renee’s discovery blooms in a romance, Sara’s through history, Brett’s through politics and Hadley’s through spirituality, yet they all learn the same two Truths; Truths that can be traced back through time. Truths about who they are, where they come from, and the existence of an extraordinary power.