Sunday, 24 September 2017

My Sunday Photo 2017 #39

As the days get shorter and the darker nights start creeping in I'm trying to take advantage of these last moments of being able to sit out in the garden, sipping on a glass of wine and just enjoying the peace as the sun goes down.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Check Those Breasts

As the title says check those breasts. I've always done this regularly and I'm oh so glad that I do. A couple of months ago I happened to find a lump in my right breast. Now this isn't the first time I have found an abnormality in my boob but in the first instance it got put down to hormones as by the time my specialist appointment came round whatever it was had disappeared.

Because of my previous experience I decided to wait a little while before visiting the doctor but this time the lump was going nowhere, in-fact it is still there four months down the line. In the instance my doctor decided it was indeed worth checking out due to how long the lump had been there and because I was over the age of twenty five.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Secrets You Keep Blog Tour

Today I'm joining in with The Secrets You Keep blog tour. Katie White's latest novel was released last week and it's set to be a popular read amongst those that love mystery/thriller genres ...

You've lost your memory. A woman has been murdered. Your husband is keeping secrets. How do you know who to trust?


FurReal Chatty Charlie the Barkin Beagle Toy Review

We don't have pets at home, although we would love a dog, it's just with time, space and finances it isn't really possible right now but that's ok because the girls have recently found a suitable replacement, and that comes in the shape of FurReal's Chatty Charlie the Barkin Beagle.


With a RRP of £59.99, this is one cuddly puppy who just loves to talk, well bark to you. And believe me he has a lot to say, with 80+ barks to phrases. His collar  even lights up as it translate what's being said as he barks. Your kids will be able to chat with this pup for hours at a time.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read With Me #38 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Read With Me. I hope you're all well and that you've got some interesting posts to show me.


I've done really well over the past few weeks, I've managed to win 3 different book competitions so I have had extra book post recently and we all know that's my favourite sort of post!