Friday, 17 November 2017

Must Haves For Christmas in the Hazelden Household

With only four more Fridays after this until Christmas I thought I'd share with you what my girls and I are considering must haves for Christmas. The toys they already have and are recommending to you and the ones that are on their lists in the hopes that Santa might be kind enough to pop them down our chimney.

So lets start off small. Think stocking fillers.

Here's one for the adults. I'm thinking retro with TOP TRUMPS, a classic game that I used to love playing as a child and it is definitely making a come-back. A great card game to play on Christmas afternoon as dinner settles.


And for the kids how about Hatchimals colleggtibles. The new Hatchimals surprise can be way out of budget for some people but the colleggtibles make a more affordable alternative.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Putting a Little Fun Into Periods With the Bettybox

Periods, every woman gets them at some point in their lives yet it still seems to be a sort of taboo subject, one of embarrassment. I remember vividly the day my period started, my mum was working nights and I was at home with my two brothers. Honest to god I thought I was dying and my poor older brother had no idea what to do, we ended up having to get my mum to come back home. A lot of drama, all because my mum hadn't every really broached the subject with me.


Having four daughters, I wanted to be open and honest with them from the beginning. They all know when I'm on my period, the younger two saying that mummy has got blood, ok not the most appeasing way to say it but they have a rough understanding of what is going on. And my older two at eleven and nine know exactly what is happening, I wrote a post about my talk on periods with them a couple of years ago.

Getting Winter Ready With Trespass

When Winter arrives the temperatures drop and I don't know about all of you but I love to wrap up warm, I won't be seen without a hat (that may have something to do with having a bad hair day but we won't talk about that). I like to make sure that my children are layered up too, even if they do like to complain about wearing a coat! Now Trespass is a brand which I definitely associate with outdoor clothing so what better company to get Winter ready with.


My kids have worn Trespass coats in the past and I've had lovely walking boots from them, there range of clothes and footwear is definitely accessible to everyone, young or old. What I've always liked about their range is that not only is it inexpensive, the quality which you receive is fantastic. There aren't many coats that when they say they're waterproof that turn out to actually protect you from the rain.

Howard Wallace, P.I. Shadow of a Pug Book Review

Howard Wallace, P.I. is a character created by the wonderful author Casey Lyall. The character made is debut last September and now he's back with a new investigation in the follow up novel Shadow of a Pug.


Middle-school detectives Howard Wallace and Ivy Mason are itching for a juicy case. But when their friend and cohort Marvin hires them to prove his nephew— ├╝ber-bully Carl Dean—didn’t pugnap the school mascot, they’re less than thrilled. To succeed, not only must Howard and Ivy play nice with Carl, they’ll have to dodge a scrappy, snoopy reporter and come face-to-face with Howard’s worst enemy, his ex-best friend Miles Fletcher. Can Howard deal with all these complications and still be there for Ivy when her life is turned upside down? Or will he once again find himself a friendless P.I.?

Monday, 13 November 2017

Read With Me #46 2017

Half way through November so we can definitely mention the C word now, right? Well I'm going to share with you some lovely picture books from Little Tiger so hopefully you're not too much of a scrooge and will stay to have a read.


One Noisy Night