Wednesday 5 October 2011

Got to love a bargain....

Well when Elise went back to school and Freya went back to play school I decided it would be a good idea to purchase a rear facing pushchair for Gracie so that we could talk when we went out on walks.

So the bargain hunting began. I trawled through all the normal sites and finally managed to find my dream pushchair on Gumtree . It was an Icandy cherry. This came with the pushchair and the carrycot with both rain covers. Well Long story short I managed to barter the price down to £100, bargain or what.

Now the only problem was in order to purchase this I had to sell my BJCM, which I love I have to add, as this was the only way daddy hazelden would agree to letting me have a new one. Well I finally managed to sell it on Pushchair Trader yesterday to a really lovely lady!!!!! Yay.

I arranged to pick up the Icandy today and I was in for a surprise, not only did it come with the pushchair and carrycot and rain covers, it also came with the carseat adaptors, parasol and footmuff, happy is not quite the word to describe how I felt, more like ecstatic. Well we put Gracie in and had a little test drive and I can't believe how easy and light it is to push. Very impressed.

In conclusion just call me the bargain shopper.  :-)

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