Saturday 15 October 2011

You know that Christmas is coming

Don't you find you hit September and then all the Christmas gifts, cards etc start appearing in the shops. I think they forget that there is Halloween before that.

Now I am noticing that at least every other advert seems to be a toy advert. Freya's response to every toy advert is " I want that for my next birthday", I've lost count now of how many things she is suppose to be getting.

What is worse is now even Gracie is joining in, an advert for a tinker bell toy came on and she sat there and said "I buy", she is only just 20 months old they are starting younger and younger each time, poor daddy hazelden won't have any money left!!!!!

Then the argos catalogue comes out, " I like this, I want this, what do you think of this?". I've told them they will have to start writing their leathers to santa, does anyone else do this??

If I am honest though they are all just taking after their mummy, bless them.


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