Monday 19 December 2011

Who likes sweets??

Well last week I was asked by Bazooka candy via twitter to review some new sweets and the only answer I could give was YES!!!

When the post arrived I was very excited and intrigued, this is what I found in the envelope :

Moshi monster fruity yummy gummies. My first impression, which were confirmed by my children, were that they would definitely appeal to kids. My girls are obssessed with moshi monsters at the moment, definitely mentioned on their Christmas lists.

Well I decided to recruit the kids to help me with the taste testing seen as they know more about yummy sweets than me. Here's a little picture of them taking their first bites : 

Elise (6) said mmmmm very fruity, Freya (3) said can I have more please and Gracie (22 months) couldn't get them in her mouth quick enough.

I have to say I really enjoyed them, the mixture of gummie ones and softer ones was nice and they did have a real fruit flavour, all bit a bit sweeter than normal fruit. I think they are good for most ages as they aren't hard and the bright colours and characters definitely draw the kids in. There are plenty in the bag which is good as sometimes I'm left feeling a cheated when you buy quite a big bag and get not a lot in it. An added bonus is the little puzzle and joke on the back for the kids to have fun with. 

In conclusion I will definitely buying some more when I see them in the shops, recommended to all.


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  1. I think I will be on the look out for these for my son's stocking as he loves moshi monsters & these would also be great as wee extras to go in with his friends gifts. Thank you.


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