Tuesday 17 January 2012

Oooo baby baby

Well with the new year comes a new baby :)

I am really pleased and excited to say that baby hazelden number 4 is cooking away. I thought this time round seen as this is my last time (I promise Mr Hazelden) that I would write down what I feel, cravings etc. I never really bothered with the others and I regret this because as much as I try to remember the details certain memories fade with time.

So I am 13 weeks today, officially entering the second trimester. My tummy is currently expanding (my coat keeps popping undone already) but I am slowly beginning to feel more normal. This time round I have felt incredibly nauseous and extremely tired. Although the tiredness could be put down to running around after the other three children. The only thing that seemed to cure the nausea was salty food like crisps.

I am currently loving milkshakes and yoghurts but my food wants seem to change on a weekly basis at the moment.

Told the kids last Friday and they were so excited, Freya wants another sister and Elise wants a brother so atleast one of them will get what they want. Gracie hasn't got past the fact that there is a baby in my tummy, she just keeps pointing and saying baby.

I am hoping that this pregnancy doesn't pass by too quickly, want to enjoy every last drop of it.


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