Thursday 10 May 2012

Nappies nappies everywhere

My due date seems to be fast approaching and as it gets closer I am starting to make list of things that I still need to buy, I liked to be organised.

One of the things that every baby needs is nappies because as we all know baby's will wee and poo lots and lots, just one of the joys of being a parent.
This time round I have decided to use cloth nappies. I started using them when my youngest daughter Gracie was 14 months old because she got horrible rashes and burns from disposable nappies and I have to say I wish I had used cloth nappies with all of my children.

There seems to be a mis-conception when it comes to cloth nappies that they are more difficult to use than disposables, that they smell, that washing them is a pain etc. I think everyone just remembers the old terry nappies and rubber pants and programmes like loose women and Lorraine do nothing to change peoples ideas about this but let me tell you times have changed and these concepts couldn't be further from the truth.

Now the lovely people at Baba+Boo have asked me if I would like to help them show people just how easy reusable nappies can be and have asked if I will review a couple of their nappies as well as some of their reusable wipes when my little bundle arrives and of course I was very quick in saying yes.

So I would like to use this post to give a brief introduction into their nappies, here are the nappies that they have sent me to review :

I chose the Moo power, which is a minky fabric and the  mummys little soldier which is a poly cotton fabric, both have a hidden waterproof fabric, there are lots of other designs to choose from. These are what are know as birth to potty nappies which means as it says, they can be used from the minute your baby is born to when the time comes that they are potty trained. No need to spend lots of money on lots of different size nappies.

The wipes that I chose are fabric one side and cotton terry the other, they come in a pack of 5 and are big enough that you only need to use one wipe for each bum change. See how easy they are already.

This picture to the right demonstrates how the nappies are made smaller. As you can see from the nappy on the left there are three rows of poppers on the front, when the top and bottom poppers are snapped together it makes the nappy a lot smaller, hence making it the perfect size for a newborn.

You also have two rows of poppers at the top, one for the waist and one for the hips, this is so you can adjust the nappy to fit snuggly round your baby's legs and waist. Another reason why cloth is better than disposables as they are more adjustable therefore fitting baby's of all shapes and sizes.

Now I bet your wondering how these nappies manage to contain all the wees that your little ones will do.

These nappies each come with two large microfibre inserts that have poppers on one side so that they can be made smaller to fit inside the nappy when it is made smaller.

You can use either one or both inserts depending on how heavy a wetter your baby is.

Now you can't tell me I haven't got you interested, just look at how cute these nappies are. If you are anything like me you will start to coordinate their nappies with their outfits :) I look forward to testing thes out properly when baby number 4 arrives.

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