Tuesday 1 May 2012

Third trimester

Today I am officially in my third trimester, can't believe I am 28 weeks already. In some ways it seems to have gone so quick and in other ways it seems to be going quite slowly.

I weighed myself this morning and so far I have put on 1 stone, not sure if that's good or bad?? I seem to be all bump though, must get a photo.

The one thing I have noticed is that I am slowly going back to how I was in the 1st trimester, feeling sick in the mornings, getting very tired. Although the tiredness is probably down to the amount of times I am getting up in the night for a wee :) . And the heartburn has begun, the old wives tales say that if you have heartburn in pregnancy then your baby will come out with lots of hair, this has never been the case for me, I have had it in every pregnancy and all of my lovely children have come out bald lol. I've never managed to find anything that really stops the heartburn, gaviscon makes me feel sick.

I am going for a 4d scan on Saturday, this will be my first time having one and I am so excited to see our baby although I am pretty sure I know what she is going to look like as all of daughters have looked the same as babies and you never know we might be able to see if there is any hair beginning to grow!!!!


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