Wednesday 9 January 2013

Snoozing with snoozeshade

Have you ever struggled to get a parasol to fit your pushchair, or just get it to stay in the right position to block the sunlight?? I certainly have, I have had many battles with many parasols and I have to say the parasol has always won!!

Then I discovered SnoozeShade

If you haven't heard of them let me explain a little. This company sell a range of sun and sleep shades that can cover your pushchair,travel system, car seat or travel cot.

Now I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of their award winning snoozeshade original deluxe versions. It is made of a premium breathable silver fabric that protects your child from 97.5% of UV rays (UPF 40+) and they say that one size fits all pushchairs, travel systems and 3 wheelers.

I was able to give it a thorough testing as I am someone that owns quite a few pushchairs. I tested it on the iCandy cherry (pushchair and carrycot), the mutsy evo (pushchair and carrycot) and the maxi cosi noa and I can tell you that it fit every single one.

I really wish I had found SnoozeShade earlier. I had my 4th child in July 2012 and it was a god send last summer!! It comes in a nice small net bag which can easily be placed in your pushchair basket without taking up any space when not in use.

At this stage I had Layla in a carrycot and the shade was so easy to put on. It is elasticated so I literally just had to place it over and it stayed in place, no more worrying about the wind blowing the parasol off!!! It kept her in the shade and cool but best of all she slept!!!. Here is it fitted to the mutsy evo carrycot

There is a handy zip at the front which you can have open to allow your child to see or closed when you want them to nap.

Now the pushchair I thought I would struggle to attach it to was the noa, as following the normal instructions I couldn't get it to work. However they have a handy channel on you tube which shows many videos on different ways to attach the shade, using the 3 wheeler video I got it to work.

Here is Gracie in the Noa

I would recommend the SnoozeShade to everyone, I am looking forward to taking it on holiday with me this July! Prices start from just £17.99 for car seat sized and it would defintely be money well spent in my opnion, a must have for any parent. The particular version I have reviewed is available for pre order now, available in March this year, all other versions are available now!!!

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