Friday 18 January 2013

We have a new family member

Recently Layla has decided that sleep isn't always necessary of a night time, 3am seems to be the preferred time to wake up!!

The lovely people at sent me a Ewan the dream sheep to review and I was really hoping he would help. And last Saturday the postman brought with him a big parcel.

It was Ewan!!!

All of my daughters were very excited and couldn't wait for me to get him out of the packaging.

Straight out of the box he is lovely and soft, just right for snuggles.

I was also pleased that it was so easy to get him out of the packaging.
So many toys etc these days are so hard to break lose of all of the plastic that they are surrounded in.

It was nice and refreshing just to be able to undo a bit of cellotape around the lid and out he came.
The only other thing I had to do was snip the tag that was holding his legs together.

This lovely sheep came a with a set of clear and simple instructions that even my kids understood.

The first thing I had to do when I got Ewan out was pull the battery tab out of the sound module, this can be found in Ewans' tummy, this allowed for the sounds to start. 

I then I had to switch it from "try me" mode to
"normal" mode.

There are two things you need to do to get him ready to work his magic.

* Firstly you have the option of adjusting the volume, there are 2 levels, I picked the quieter level.

* Secondly you have to decide whether you want him with his light on or off, we opted for off. 

Clever little Ewan has a tail that can be velcroed over the rails of a cot. I actually found the tail too short to do this on Layla's cot so I placed him inside of her cot but as the instructions suggested, not near her head.

Ewan got put to work the first night he arrived. Now in each of his legs is a button, each one when pressed plays a different sound for 20 minutes or until you hold the button down again to stop it. You have the choice of harp music, white noise, waves and sounds from a mothers womb. We quickly established that Layla much preferred the sounds of the womb but I was so happy to find that it worked!! Within 5 minutes she was asleep again, she never normally goes back to sleep, well not in her own bed anyway.

The next night was a little different it wasn't her waking up that we had to deal with, it was putting her to bed, she just didn't want to settle, well Ewan was up for the challenge. We popped on the womb sounds and again within 5 minutes she was sound asleep.

Admittedly on Tuesday night Layla just wasn't going to go back to sleep but all the while the sounds were playing she was quiet, it is just when they stopped that she started to cry but I think this just showed how soothing the sounds are.

A week on and this fluffy little sheep has become a much loved member of our family. We wouldn't be without him. You can buy him for £29.99 and I think that is a bargain for the peace that he brings.

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