Monday 18 February 2013

Half Term

I always seem to struggle in the school holidays to find things to do with the kids that are either free or very cheap.
Having 4 kids now things become very expensive and it annoys me that most places still base family tickets on two adults and two children, is that really the average size family these days??

So my plans for this week so far are to have a day baking, a day up the park and a day being lazy and watching films whilst eating popcorn, I'm also hoping to take the girls swimming as Layla hasn't been yet.

What are everyone elses plans for the holidays??


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  1. Same sort of problem here in school holidays - how to entertain 2 very active children on a budget! Today has been baking day, they are both going to a fun splash session at the swimming pool tomorrow, and the rest of the week will be parks, bike rides and some DVD's!


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