Friday 22 February 2013

Lets feed the baby

If you weren't aware Aldi are holding a special Mum and Baby event on the 28th February with lots of products on sale as part of their  Special Buys promotions.
I was very kindly asked to sample a couple of products from the Aldi mum and baby range. I was sent a Griptight flexi folding bib and a Tommee Tippee first cup.

I was keen to try these products because now that Layla is getting older she is begininng to get a bit more independent and likes to try and feed herself and she is also attempting to hold her cup herself.

The problem I find with most food is that somehow it manages to stain things orange and of course the water/milk always leaves Layla soaking wet. So I was looking forward to putting the bib to the test.

I was impressed straight away with the bib, it has 4 holes for tightening, so a nice range, Layla had it on the tightest setting and we were left with hardly any gap between bib and neck. The material is soft and pliable, so it is easy to fold up small and put in your bag when out and about. It is also easily washed or wiped clean, meaning no need for loads of bibs. And the added bonus is that there is a pocket at the bottom to catch any crumbs, this I found great because Layla still drops her food a lot of the time. The pocket also holds any drink spat out. The only thing I found slightly disappointing was that because there was a slight gap between bib and neck, some drink made its way through onto the clothing.

Here is a picture of Layla wearing her bib at lunch time.

We also gave the Tomme Tippee first cup a try. What can I say, simple yet effective. It has two handles making it easy for baby to hold. The spout is free flow, which I find better as your little one doesn't have to try so hard to get any drink out, the only disadvantage to the free flow is sometimes it comes out too quick!! There are also measurements on the side so you know how much your baby is drinking. Layla also found that the spout was good to chew on, so she made it into her only personal teether.

You will be able to purchase the Griptight bib which is also available in green, blue and orange for £1.89 and the Tommee Tippe cup for 99p at the Aldi Mum and Baby event from the 28th of February, why not pop along to your local store and see what else they have on offer.


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