Tuesday 26 February 2013

MAM knows best

Now up until now I have used MAM dummies for Layla as they are were the only ones I could find that were small enough for her. I didn't realise that they also made cutlery and tableware.

I recently got asked to review an item from MAMs new feeding range. The range is all BPA free and is suitable from 6 months and onwards.

I received one of their new feeding bowls to test. I was happy to see I had been sent the pink one, it matched all of Laylas other things, although it is also available in blue and green.

Where do I start

* The Handle 

This makes holding the bowl easy and comfortable to hold, whether it is the parent or the baby holding it.

* Two Compartments

This means you can either separate the dinner or perhaps have dinner one side and pudding the other ( that is what I did as it stopped Layla moaning, she no longer had to wait for me to get the yoghurt out of the fridge)

* The Lid

This I thought was great idea because you can put your little ones food in there when you need to go out for the day and you don't have to worry about extra pots or any spillages

* Multi Functional

I also think this can be used for putting snacks in instead of dinners, so can essentially be used for any type of meal time. 

The bowl is surprisingly deep for how little it looks on the outside, so can hold plenty of food. The only thing I struggled with sometimes was getting the more dry foods out of the bowl, almost like it needs some sort of lip.

Overall I can't recommend this bowl enough. Since this bowl arrived I have used it frequently, not just for meal times at home but also when out and about, it is just so practical. An added bonus is that you can also get cutlery for both baby and toddler to match the tableware. Prices start from just £3.25, a good investment as these can be used from the weaning stage and right through toddlerhood.

If you were to purchase something from MAMs new feeding range, which colour would you choose??


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