Thursday 7 February 2013

My little devils smell like angels

Ever had trouble convincing your children to have a wash and brush their teeth?? There always seems to be one in my household thats is determined that they want to stay dirty!!

Halos n Horns kindly sent me a selection of their products to test out.  I received a hair & body wash, a toothpaste and a shampoo & conditioner.

The slogan on their bottles says "for little devils", I know my darling children can be devils, so sounded perfect for them!!!

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the package was the smell, best word to describe it is yummy, well this is what the kids said when they smelt what we had be given.

Bright packaging immediately catches your eye, I can see this standing out on the shelf of any shop.

Our testing began at bath time with the zingy orange hair and body wash. We popped it on a wet sponge and it lathered up really well, the pasta stains on their faces were no challenge for this soap, they were clean in no time.

Next we moved on to the mango melon shampoo and conditioner. I have to admit when I first squirted some onto my hand I was a bit dubious at it felt quite sticky but once on the hair it was easy to massage in and I think because of the texture, it didn't drip which meant nothing went in their eyes!! It rinsed off easily and left their hair feeling very soft when it had been dried.

The thing I liked the most about both of these products was they are both hypoallergenic and dermapaedic, all of my children suffer with eczema so this was a real plus for me.

Then came the final test, the brushing of the teeth. Now my second eldest was most pleased because as she will tell you, she hates minty toothpaste, so the toothy fruity toothpaste went down a treat. No complaining about how long I made them brush their teeth, I couldn't believe how easy it made things. I got a mixed response on what they thought the actual flavour was. Elise said tropical, Freya said strawberry and Gracie said jelly. All I know is that they thought it was delicious.

If I am honest, I wish I had found this company sooner. Everything is aimed at being kid friendly, from the ingredients, right to the delicious smells and the funky packaging. It made bath time fun instead of feeling like another chore. I have to admit I have even tried these products on myself (I can be a little devil too) and I love them. With prices starting at £2.75 they are in no way expensive and who could put a price on their kids happiness anyway!?

Why not take a look at the rest of their range and let me know which one you would try.


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