Wednesday 20 March 2013

Easter Crafts

So this year for school Freya has got to make an easter bonnet and Elise has to create her own Easter garden.

I've been walking round the shops this morning to see what ideas I can come up with to help them. Here's what I bought today :

Do your kids have to make things for school at Easter? If so what are they making this year, please share your crafty ideas.


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  1. We have to make vehicles for hard boiled eggs to sit in for a race lol!

  2. ooo I've noty heard of that one before, would love for you to share pictures of them when they are made xx

  3. LOL, have nooooo idea where to start!

  4. That was my thoughts when they said Easter Garden. Try looking online for inspiration. x

  5. We have decorate an egg or Easter Garden. I googled the later and it seems you need a tomb. Going to have a think over the weekend.

    1. I used to love decorating eggs when I was at school!!! x


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