Wednesday 3 April 2013

Graco Evo Mini, bringing the family together

It has been over a week now since the Graco Evo Mini arrived in the Hazelden household and it has become the new family member!!

Both Layla and Gracie have been plonking their bums in the Evo Mini and it has been pushed by a lot of my family members.

Not only have my 7 and 5 year olds taken turns to push their sister's, so has Daddy Hazelden, Nannie Ros and Uncle Alec.

The photo to the left shows the lovely Nannie Ros (my mummy) pushing the pushchair.

She stands at a tiny 4 foot 11 inches tall.

She found the Graco Evo Mini comfortable to push although she did say should would prefer it if the handle were adjustable in height.

The photo to the right shows the kiddies Uncle Alec (my brother) having his turn at pushing the pushchair when he visited at the weekend.

He stands at just under 6 feet tall, so the opposite end of the spectrum to Nannie Ros.

Again he had no complaints about pushing the Graco Evo Mini, although when Gracie decided to lean forward in the seat he did find it a bit heavy to bump up the kerbs!!

I think this shows that the Graco Evo Mini is suitable for all family members, just another reason why I am finding it a great pushchair.


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  1. Great to see it works with both tall and not so tall people! I am really liking the look of this pushchair!

    1. It really is!! I have never been a massive fan of strollers but I have been pleasantly surprised by the Evo Mini x


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