Monday 8 April 2013

Rainy Days With the Graco Evo Mini

Just before the sunshine made an appearance, there were a few days where the Graco Evo Mini's rain cover needed to be used.

I am really pleased with it. With some strollers the raincover can be quite flimsy or hard to fit, this raincover was the complete opposite.

To fit you just simply do up the velcro around the hood and the frame at the top and do up one popper around the front wheel at the bottom, I thought the popper was a nice touch as it means that when you have an older child in there, they can't kick it off. It covers the whole pushchair so your child and the seat stay dry.

You can roll the raincover back and keep it attached to the pushchair as the stroller still folds with it attached but it is also just as easy to take it off and store it in the basket as it folds down nice and compact!!

Below are a few pictures just to show you what I am talking about.


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  1. Nice to see the raincover is not just an after thought! I have had some that do not even fit in the basket by themselves (let alone with any shopping in) and some that are so flimsy they are kicked off or torn right away! x

    1. I have had the same problems in the past!! I am honestly really impressed with this one. Made of quite a thick plastic but the fit on the pushchair is really good, as sometimes I find they are made too small x


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