Saturday 15 June 2013

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Post Office Review

As a parent I am keen for my children to learn new things and I find one way they begin to pick things up is through playing. By learning through play, the kids are having fun and a lot of the time don't even realise that they are being taught things because they are busy enjoying themselves.

Learning Resources are a company that produce a wide range of learning aids and toys for children aging from two right up to twelve. Catering for children, parents and schools, they manafacture many award winning toys that help build your child's skills through exploration, imagination and most of all fun.

This lovely company sent me their Pretend & Play Post Office set to review, of course my lovely children would be the ones doing all the testing.

This set costs £35.95, you may look at that price and think slightly expensive but I guarantee once you've read all of my review you will change your mind. I was surprised at how small the box was considering that inside there was over 150 pieces that help your children learn different skills, see what I mean, already you get a lot for what you pay!!

Included is an open and close sign, pen, lots of parcel boxes to make up, letters, envelopes and stamps, tax discs, postcards and money. It is like stepping into a real life post office, postman pat eat your heart out.

This set lets your child's imagination run wild whilst you fill their heads with knowledge. Your children can learn to add and subtract by paying for sending letters and parcels etc. You can help them with their writing as they can write letters and postcards, they can even write the date on the open and close sign. There is a clock so that you can encourage them to learn how to tell the time. As well as all of this your children can learn to play together, teaching them to share. The possibilities with this set are endless.

I love how once they have finished playing with it, all of the pieces fit into the "post office supplies" velcro pocket and it all folds in. There is a carry handle so that is easily transported too. 

I can't give you a true idea of this set without showing you my kids playing with it, so please take a look at the video below, it is only 5 minutes out of the hours they have played with it, however I think it shows just how lovely this set is.

I would recommend this set to any parent who has children who enjoy pretend play. The only thing I would like to see, is separate packs of letters, stamps etc to buy because my children went through these quite quickly. Overall this is lovely set that provides hours of fun, slightly different every time you play depending on what role you choose!!!


Disclaimer : I was sent this play set free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This would e fab for our home corner at school.

    1. That sounds like a great place to use it, my 5 year old has a pretend shop in her reception class, I think it would go quite nicely along side it :)

  2. Looks lovely, I remember having a toy post office when I was little. Great for imaginative play!

  3. I had something similar when I was a child....
    It looks fab!!

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