Monday 3 June 2013

The Toddle Pod Review

Poddle Pod UK is a company that has been developed in Rugby Warwickshire UK, it started in 2011 when the Poddle Pod was created.

The Poddle Pod itself is essentially a baby nest, somewhere where you can lie your babies safely when you don't have a moses basket or cot near by. This is made to be suitable for newborns up until they are around 6 months.

Then they introduced the toddle pod, this is the bigger version of the Poddle Pod. This is suitable for babies aged 6 months old and onwards.

Made from polyester hollowfibre filling, the Toddle Pod measures approximately 32inches by 19 inches on the outside and approximately 19 inches by 17 inches on the inside. A very generous size but still not taking up too much space.

The thing I love instantly is that you can pick which cover you would like for your Toddle Pod, you can also buy more than one cover, meaning that you can swap and change and because the covers are machine washable, it doesn't matter if your little one manages to get them dirty at all. I picked the safari design. This fabric is bright and fun and gives your little one plenty to look at. Each pod is handcrafted so you are essentially getting something unique because the fabric will be slightly differently placed with each cover that you buy.

Layla loved it instantly. It is lovely and soft and makes a great place for her to lie down. You can place the toddle pod inside of a cot or have it by itself on the carpet and because it is extremely lightweight you can very easily move it around, making it ideal not only for in the home but for taking out too, great if say your little ones are spending the day/night at their grandparents house.

The Toddle Pod has become one of the favourite items in my house. Not only can your little one sleep soundly in it, we have found many other uses for it. I have used it as a changing mat, with the raised sides it has meant that my little monkey hasn't been able to roll away so easily, meaning changing a nappy has become less of a challenge.

As you can see from the above picture Layla has also used it for many other things. We have placed it behind her to stop her from throwing herself backwards on the floor, making for a nice soft landing!! She has sat in quite happily to play with toys whilst mummy gets on with housework and we have even used it for her to sit and eat her snacks in.

Even her older sisters have found use for the Toddle Pod, each one of them have used it as a comfy pillow to sit and relax on. I think I made need to buy one for each of them to stop them from arguing who gets to sit in it.

As you can see from the picture above, the Toddle Pod is definitely made to chill out in. Even my lanky 7 year old fit in there nicely. I admit, I managed to squeeze my big old bum on there too (an adult size one would be nice!!).

Other ways people have recommended to use it for are : a place to do baby massage, sponge baths, as a photography aid and tummy time. I'm sure there are other ways parents will find to use the Toddle Pod with their little ones.

Priced at £29.99 for a Toddle Pod and one cover it is well worth the money, it is very versatile as it can be used for many different things and with all the children fitting in it, I can honestly say you will not disappointed. Extra covers can be bought for £9.99 each which I think is a very reasonable price to pay. 

This is one of those items that I think will turn into a must have baby accessory. I've already been recommending it friends and family.

Why not go and say hi to Poddle Pod UK over on their facebook and twitter pages, this is where you will see all the latest cover designs and news they might have to tell you.

Which fabric would choose for your Poddle/Toddle Pod, would love for to leave a comment and let me know.


Disclaimer : I was sent this product free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. We have a Poddle Pod and love it, we will definetley be getting a Toddle Pod when he is bigger, they are great! Lovely to see that older children can use them too!

    1. I love it, I even persuaded my cousin to by a Poddle Pod for when her baby is born!!!

  2. hi~ i've been trying to access their website as well as facebook, but neither page will load...wondering if anyone else is having this issue. i'm worried i won't get my toddle pod :)

    1. Both are loading fine for me, perhaps it is your internet browser??


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