Wednesday 17 July 2013

Aspire Calorie Burning Drink Review

So if you read my blog regularly you will have seen that I have been trying to lose weight and get into shape, just take a look at this post here.

Just over two weeks ago I was sent two weeks worth of Aspire calorie burning drinks. This was surprising in itself because I was only expecting one or two cans!!

The idea of this drink is that it is meant to increase your metabolism, therefore helping you to burn those pesky calories.

aspire calorie burning drink

The main ingredients of this carbonated drink are :

* guarana extract
* green tea extract
* ginger
* l - carnitine

Each of these ingredients combined together are supposed to raise your bodies metabolism, suppress appetite, accelerate weight loss and play a role in the oxidisation of fats (not sure what that means myself).

The drink is also made up with various vitamins and minerals which is always a good thing.

Aspire actually performed a study at the Carnegie Centre Laboratory in the Leeds Metropolitan University that showed these drinks will on average help you burn up to 209 calories without increasing your heart rate, these drinks actually have the same amount of caffeine in them as a standard cup of coffee.

aspire calorie burning drink

I was instructed to drink two cans a day. One to be consumed before I ate my breakfast to kick start my metabolism for the day and one whilst I ate my lunch.

I weighed myself on day one and the scales said 7 stone and 9 pounds exactly. I was also instructed to measure my waist, this came out at 25.5 inches. And then the challenge began.

It all started well, I kept the cans chilling in the fridge, although I'm sure they would be just as nice poured over ice. The cranberry flavouring was quite nice and although carbonated, it wasn't too fizzy. This challenge was probably a good thing for me because I'm known to not drink a lot during the day and with each can being around 250ml, I was getting about half a litre of drink a day just from consuming these. 

I will say, I didn't change my diet or exercise routine whilst I was taking part in this challenge, I thought this way, I would be able to gauge better whether the drinks had any affect. 

There were no side affects from drinking Aspire, it was just like drinking any can of fizzy pop. I have to admit I forgot a couple of times to drink the lunch time ones and ended up drinking them with my dinner instead, not sure if this would have had any adverse affect at all?

At the end of the two weeks I hopped on the scales again and I had lost the grand total of one whole pound, so I now way 7 stone and 8 pounds and according to the tape measure, I had stayed the same size around my waist, atleast I hadn't gained any inches!!

Overall I would say these drinks definitely seemed to give me more energy but I don't think this drink will be a magical fix in helping someone lose weight but this may be different for someone who has more weight to lose than me. The taste, although not bad, after two weeks of drinking it, I can say I don't want to drink cranberry again for a while. I think it would have been better if there were different flavours available so that you could vary it from day to day. I would say they are worth trying at the very least just for that energy boost, much better than a can of red bull!!!

Aspire is available in Tesco for £1.45. For more information visit or their Facebook


Disclaimer : I was sent this drink free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opnions are my own.


  1. Might be worth a try - it can't do any harm anyway! i would be interested to see if it has any effect for me

    1. I would say give it a go, all natural ingredients so you have nothing to lose xx


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