Thursday 18 July 2013

A bit of me time with my BabyBag

So after challenge one and two, last week we were set our third challenge by Lin & Leo. We were challenged to have a bit of "me time" and to come back and show how we spent our time.

Now my response to this was, "this really is a challenge". As a mum to four kids, I don't really get time to myself because during the week, Daddy Hazelden is busy working so I look after our brood and the weekend is spent enjoying time together as a whole family.

With this in mind, let me show you those little bits of free time I managed to find this week :

This is me with a rare bit of quiet time. Ok ok so I might not be out and about but do you see anyone else around?? Eldest two were at school, three year old at playschool and Layla was having a rare nap upstairs. So this how I like to spend my "me time", with my bum firmly plonked on the sofa and laptop infront of me, this is when I catch up on my blog posts, get tweeting etc (yes I am a social media addict). As you can see my BabyBag spent this time with me, well it did have my note book in there which reminds what reviews I need to write every day.

By this point you may think I am cheating slightly with this challenge but honestly "me time" is so hard to come by. Monday night I actually had a bath with no children joining me, well for 5 minutes atleast, a couple of monkeys did eventually venture in to have a chat with me but I thought while I was on my lonesome the BabyBag could join me and keep me company!!

My final go at having "me time", well it is a running joke in our household that going to toilet in the house seems to be a spectators sport so just for this challenge I had to change this habit didn't I. And yes I know what you are all thinking, what a lovely pair of knickers I am wearing!! :)

So there we have it, challenge three attempted, not sure if I passed this one but I'm sure you will agree I should get an A for effort!!.

Bring on challenge 4 


Disclaimer : This is part of an ongoing challenge with Lin & Leo, the bag was sent to me free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I LOVE the photos, lol! You've definitely had "me time" with the bag {which is GORGEOUS btw!}. Great post! x

  2. Sorry thats made me giggle this morning ; )

  3. Ha ha I totally empathise but well done on wee

    1. Lol thank you, one of my greates achievements ;)

  4. Ha ha, so glad you had time enough for clean knickers, a wee and a gorgeous look at that bag!! ;-)

    1. I know right, amazing what you can do with a whole minutes me time lol


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