Saturday 13 July 2013

Can A Plant Make You Smile?

Everyone knows that you can't be good at everything. I for one am useless when it comes to looking after plants. However The Joy of Plants made a suggestion that having a house plant around could improve my lifestyle and could help me reach a higher level of thinking, well I just had to give it a go and test the theory didn't I.

I received some beautiful orchids. Now I'm fairly sure you will all agree these are stunning to look at. I placed them in the middle of our dining room table. Our lounge, dining room and kitchen is all open plan so you could see and smell the plant from every room.

I have to admit that it put my daughter's in a good mood when they got home from school. The funny thing is, they are always asking me to buy flowers whenever we see them in the shops but I've always said no because I felt I would be wasting my money (you know because I can never manage to keep them alive).

Well with my lovely orchids, I also received the book pictured below. As a plant novice, this book helped me to look after the flowers, it gives you advice on things such as when to water and how much.

I wouldn't say that having a house plant has dramatically changed our lives but it has definitely brightened the mood. I have had comments from friends and family on how pretty the orchids are and the kids have been more than happy in helping me with the task of watering it. It definitely adds a pop of colour to a some what dull dining room table.

Now, 3 weeks on and the leaves are still green but all the orchids have dropped off, remember I am rubbish, I repeat rubbish at looking after plants, however I have been informed by I think reliable sources, that the plant is still alive, it is just that the flowers have finished blooming, hooray I hear you all cry. I think I might, just might be brave and go and get another plant to have upstairs too.

So as I keep on looking after my gorgeous flowers, you can have the chance of winning yourself a lovely house plant all of your own by popping over to the joy of plants facebook page. They are running their Dr Plant campaign and every month they are giving away house plants to 5 lucky winners! This month you could be the owner of a potted Gerbera, think sunshine.

What I would like to know is, do you regularly have plants in your house, do you feel that they improve your mood??


Disclaimer : I was sent this plant free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I think they can make you smile, yes. I LOVE flowers, plants in the home as they seem to make it more....homely.
    However my clearly un-killable plant {yukka tree} has survived years of having me as its owner {poor thing}. Its the ONLY plant I've managed to keep alive, lol, so I smile every time I see it {mostly} as she lives another day! lol x

    1. aaawww that's lovely!!! I'm hoping these orchids survive a while longer too.

  2. I have 2 pots of flowers in my balcony and I used to buy fresh cut flowers for the dinning table till I think its burning a hole in my pocket lol. Perhaps I should get a orchid for the house too.

    1. I think this had me want to buy flowers more, I keep hinting to the hubby that flowers would be nice!! ;) x

  3. I love Orchids - practically the only plant I don't seem to be able to kill.

  4. Perhaps I should just stick to buying orchids then lol x


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