Monday 5 August 2013

Gumigem Bubba Beads Review

You may remember a while back that I reviewed the lovely Gumi Drop necklace from Gumigem so when I had the opportunity to review one of their other necklaces, I was more than happy to oblige.

Baring it mind it has only been a couple of months since my last review, I couldn't believe how much Gumigem had changed things in that short space of time.

It came in brand new packaging which was not only lovely and compact, it doubled up as a cute purse afterwards too, my kids have already claimed the purse as their own!!

This time round I was also sent a lovely booklet full of information about teething.

Even myself as a fourth time mum found the booklet interesting, so I am sure for a first time parent, it would prove very useful.

This booklet is given out with every purchase, at no extra cost to the customer, a great added bonus!!

Another new thing that Gumigem have added to your package when it arrives is lovely little instruction booklet.

This shows just how much Gumigem are evolving and expanding.

The Bubba Beads which I was sent, do not disappoint. I recieved this necklace in the peapod colourway which is a shimmering green, nice and bright, very eye catching.

You can also purchase this necklace in eight other colourways, so one for every day of the week and two extra!!

The beads are individually knotted on the necklace so they don't move up and down the cord. I find this a great feature because it means little hands won't be constantly dropping the beads as they won't just slide out of their reach. The beads themselves are made from non toxic silicone, they are smooth, soft and flexible and can be washed with hot soapy water or even placed in a dishwasher.

Layla has been a slow teether and has really wanted to chew on everything, this necklace has definitely come in handy, especially since poor Layla has been very clingy to mummy whilst waiting for those pesky toothy pegs to make an appearance.

You can see from the picture above that whilst Layla is holding on to and chewing on the necklace, the cord is more than long enough to make sure that I am not left uncomfortable, as you must remember these are not toys and must only be used when the parent is wearing it. The breakaway clasp on the centre of the necklace means that of your little one pulls to hard on it, it will just come off, rather than rubbing poor mummy's neck.

Priced at £15.95, I would certainly recommend the Bubba Bead necklaces to other mums. I find myself wearing the Gumigem necklaces more and more, even when I don't have baby with me because they really are a stylish accessory for mum's, the colours brighten up any outfit. This makes them great value for money as you are getting an accessory for the parent as well as something to occupy those babies!!

The only other thing I think I would like to see is maybe the option to pick different colour cords for the necklaces rather than just black.

Why not keep up to date with all that is going on at Gumigem by looking at their facebook and twitter pages.


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