Friday 6 September 2013

Melting Away

Sadly the kids are now back at school but before they put on those uniforms and carried their new school bags, we managed to enjoy one last day in the sun on Wednesday.

I can't believe just how nice the weather has stayed, you wouldn't think it was September already.

So what to do with their last day of freedom, lots of pennies had already been spent, think the bank of mum and dad is now closed for a while, so we wanted to do something that was cheap as chips.

We decided to make the most of that lovely beach we live by and have an ice cream whilst enjoying the view.

The only problem we had was that the sun was so hot, the ice creams were melting rapidly, I think the girls ended up wearing more than they ate. All good fun, oh and an added bonus, Nannie paid for the ice creams!!!

So what did you do on the last day of the Summer holidays, do you miss them already??



  1. I had to kiss goodbye to summer, but it does feel like autumn is in the air!

  2. grey clouds and rain creeping in here today :(

  3. I do miss them already, I much prefer it when the children are at home. It looks like you had a lovely time at the beach.

  4. Oh I want all of those ice lollies pretty please :)

    1. Lol if they hadn't melted I would definitely let you have them seen as you asked so nicely x


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