Thursday 12 September 2013

Usquibble Review

With four girls I have a lot of clothes to buy and I do like them to wear things a bit different to the norm.

I was recently contacted by Usquibble, now this company not only produce some funky t-shirts, they themselves are also a bit different to most other companies.

This company was created from one simple idea, encourage kids to support other kids from around the world who are more vulnerable than them.I really love this idea, a simple concept but with a big outcome.

Now this isn't the only thing that makes Usquibble stand out, oh no, what they do is really lovely, your children are encouraged to get involved by joining in competitions held by Usquibble, your kids get the chance to create their own designs and then of course if they win, seeing these designs come to life on the t-shirts sold by Usquibble.

I was kindly sent two t-shirts, one for Gracie and one for Freya.

Your t-shirts come packaged in recycled or eco friendly materials.

What I really loved was that they sent the girsl their t-shirts in separate packages so that they each got the enjoyment of unwrapping them.

Each package included :

* a t-shirt
* a letter thanking them for their purchase
* a tee template so that they could get creative

The letter was a wonderful personal touch and again really includes your child in the whole process and helps them understand exactly what they have done to help when buying the t-shirt.

The t-shirts themselves are available in sizes 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. Each t-shirt is made from 100% certified organic fabrics and water based inks. The girls loved them, vibrant colours that are suitable for both boys and girls. The material is super soft and they fit beautifully.

Atleast 25% of the profits of each t-shirt sold will be donated to charities which support children who are less fortunated around the world. It means that by purchasing just one t-shirt, you are helping to support a child in Africa for five whole days, providing them with basic things like food, shelter and education.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Usquibble and their t-shirts. Not only do the t-shirts look fantastic, you are you doing your bit for the environment when purchasing them and giving back as well. The t-shirts are price at £16.99 each, maybe a bit more expensive than most t-shirts but just remember, you won't find these t-shirts anywhere else and also remember just where the profits are going to.

Gracie has been very busy designing her own t-shirt ready for when the next competition opens up!!! You can follow Usquibble on facebook and twitter so you know just when their competitions are coming up.

So what design would your child create for their own t-shirt??


Disclaimer : These t-shirts were sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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