Wednesday 23 October 2013

All About Me

I was recently tagged in a meme by the lovely Jo from My Monkeys Don't Sit Still. The meme originally came from Gina from Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies. Her daughter's school had sent home a booklet titled "All About Me", so Gina thought it would be a good idea to find out a bit more about each other.

The rules are simple, answers all of the questions asked and then tag five more bloggers to take part.

First of tell us your name and what you do......

Nice easy question to get us started. My name is Chantelle Hazelden, I'm a wife, a mummy, a blogger and what a lot of people don't know is that I am actually a qualified hairdresser. As much as I am good at multi-tasking, I don't always do all of these things all at the same time ;)

I live at home with.....

I live at home with my husband, Daddy Hazelden and my four daughters, Elise, Freya, Gracie and Layla. Although Daddy Hazelden does stay in London a lot of the time due to his work.

My favourite thing to do is.....

My favourite thing to do is baking with my girls. We try to bake atleast once a fortnight, baking something different each time. A fun activity that gives us something scrummy to eat at the end.

which leads me to the next question

My favourite thing to eat is......

Well obviously my favourite thing to eat is cake made by my daughters :)

When I get cross I......

When I get cross I tend to shout, alot and then cry.

Sometimes I worry because....

Sometimes I worry because things just aren't as easy as they seem. Nothing is ever black and white. I think I am always worrying about one thing or another, I  believe that I am a born worrier, my biggest worry is always my children, wondering if I am raising them right, hoping they are happy!!!

My favourite book is......

Now this is a tough question because I read a lot of books, almost one every day so I find it hard to pick just one, so I'm going to go with my favourite childhood book which my dad used to read to me every Christmas Eve and I have continued to do the same for my children, it's "The Night Before Christmas"

My favourite toy is.....

Well....... lol. My favourite toy is my iPad, I can still check facebook, tweet away and keep up to date with my blog but I can also get lost in reading my favourite books on it.

I dislike.....

I dislike mushrooms, spiders, how expensive everything is these days, politicians I could go and on with this question.

When I grow up I want to be.....

Well I already achieved two goals because early on I wanted to be a hairdresser and then I wanted to be a mummy. So I suppose now when I grow up, I would just really like to be happy.

There we have it, now you know a little bit more about me, I hope you like what you've learnt. I am now tagging 5 lovely bloggers so we can get to know them better :

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Angela from thereandbackagainamotherstale
Emma from mysidekickandme
Bex from ialwaysbelievedinfutures



  1. Now I never knew you were a hairdresser!!

    1. :) well there you go, you learn something new every day ;) x

  2. Lovely to find out more about you. I do like that book, too :)

  3. Thanks for the tag! I think my dislike list could be similar, especially spiders and my favourite topic, prices going up!

    1. my pleasure!! prices going up is a big dislike of mine too!!

  4. Thanks for the mention Chantelle! Now that cake looks delicious and I too love that book! My eldest does too and has long since been ale to recite the words. Great post x

    1. my little brother recites the book too, he gets the job of reading it to my girls when is around, uncle Alec is apparently better at it than mummy x

  5. Lovely to find out a bit more about you!

  6. hopping over from #MMWBH

  7. i didnt know you where a hairdresser! nice to read and find out a bit more about you x

  8. I think we could start an anti mushroom league ;)

  9. This is a lovely idea. Took me ages to think of my favourite book. And I love your choice - it's magical.

  10. Thank you for joining in and linking up with the #AllAboutMeMeme :-) My dad also use to read me The Night Before Christmas when I was little. It was a pop up book and I loved it!

    1. oo I've never seen a pop up version!! Thanks for coming up with a fab linky!! x


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