Wednesday 2 October 2013

Ella's Kitchen "Big Meals" Review

I am a mum who tries to cook things from scratch majority of the time, I think food tastes better when freshly made. However there are times when I am busy and  I need something quick and easy to make.

ella's kitchen

I was very kindly asked by Ella's Kitchen to review their new Big Meals range. This range is 100% organic and is suitable for little ones from the age of 12 months onwards, so who better to test this range than little Layla.

There are 6 dishes to choose from : chicken curry, pork stew, chicken paella, beef stew, veggie moussaka and bolognese bake.

Each meal contains at least 5 different fruits and vegetables which means they are jam packed with lots of vitamins making them nice and healthy. We were sent the Pork Stew and the Bolognese Bake to try.

ella's kitchen big meals

Each meal comes in a 200g pot, it is a great size as it is small enough to fit in a changing bag if you need to feed your little one when out and about. 

I was impressed that each pot only takes 50 seconds to heat up in the microwave and it comes out at an almost ideal temperature to eat straight away,  this is great as normally ready meals come out of the microwave burning hot and you have to wait around for what seems like hours until the food finally cools down.

You can see from the picture above that there are lots of chunky pieces of vegetables, beans etc, it looks like a good hearty meal and it means that there are lots of different textures for little ones to discover.

Layla is little miss independent these days and spent most of the time trying to feed herself which resulted in a fair bit of mess but she really enjoyed the food, infact she loved it that much she was trying to feed herself with two spoons lol.

I admit to trying it myself and I was surprised at just how lovely it tasted. A lot of baby food that I have tried in the past has been very bland, there was never any real flavour to it. These Big Meals are scrummy, plenty of different flavours to be tasted, just like it had been cooked at home, even my 5 year old had a mouthful and she would have quite happily eaten all of Layla's dinner!!

Costing £2.19 per meal, I think this is fairly reasonable in comparison to other children's ready meals. The fact that they use simple ingredients with absolutely nothing added, I wouldn't hesistate in recommending these to other parents.


Disclaimer : These meals were sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like Layla enjoyed them! We love Ella's Kitchen too.

    1. I always say you know they've enjoyed it when they've got messy lol x

  2. I love Ella's kitchen they are one of the only baby brands along with Plum that label whether they are dairy free or not so I can actually buy them for Zach. I think its great how they really think of the little ones they are making the meals for. Looks like Layla is a big fan too :)

  3. We used to love Ella's Kitchen meals with Emmy - not actually tried with Harry as he just eats what we do


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