Saturday 16 November 2013

Aquaflex Review

Ok this might not be what you all want to hear about me but I put my hands up and admit that after having four kids, down there (you know where I'm talking about), isn't quite how it used to be.

I'm sure even if you don't like to admit it that sometimes when you cough or sneeze, you may need to cross your legs tightly!!

I was offered the chance to review a pelvic floor exercise system from the lovely people at Aquaflex and I decide hec what did I have to lose.

This system is designed to help you if :

* You suffer from urinary stress incontinence.

* You suffer from the first stages of mild stress incontinence.

* You have a first degree prolapse

* Your pelvic floor is weak due to childbirth or menopause.

The system consists of two different size vaginal cones and four different size weights, all presented in a descret box.

The idea behind it is simple. You start by using the largest cone with no weights added to it, insert it and stand up, keeping it in place by using your pelvic muscles. Once you can do this, you can start adding weights to the cone. 

Once you have established the correct starting weight for you, the instructions tell you to aim for keeping the cone in for 20 minutes a day, adding heavy weights as it becomes easier to hold.

I was very surprised when I started using these cones just how much weight I could hold right from the beginning because if I'm honest, I excpected the cone to just fall straight back out!!!

It is advised to use Aquaflex every day for 8-12 weeks to achieve the best results and you do this you should see results which could include :

* Reduced involuntary leakage of urine.

* Strengthening of the pelvic floor.

I have been using the Aquaflex system for just under 4 weeks now and in that time I have been unfortunate enough to develop a pesky cold but on the plus side, lets just say I didn't have to cross my legs quite as much when I sneezed. 

I've now progressed onto the smaller cone so improvements are definitely happening and I think it is better to do these things slowly rather than rush them.

Priced at £23.50 , these cones are very easy to use and can be used at a time of the day to suit you. I've personally seen results and it hasn't taken very long to make these changes. I would recommend them to any woman as you can carry on using them even after you have reached the heaviest weight/smallest cone to keep everything in "working order".


Disclaimer : I was sent Aquaflex free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Now I'm rather glad to have had 2 c-sections ;)

    1. haha, that is very good positive right there ;) x

  2. A very brave and informative post!

  3. An interesting idea and good to hear it works, after 6 kids I definitely can only sneeze on an empty bladder and forget more than 3 bounces on a trampoline!

    1. lol I was pleased to see results as a lot of these things promise plenty but never deliver x

  4. After 4x big babies and having had major prolapse during menopause, I had a hysterectomy as well as major anterior and posterior repair. At an eight week check up with the consultant, he said I would need to use this type of system. I have been using Aquaflex for only 2x weeks and am so grateful he told me as the difference is already very good!


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