Wednesday 27 November 2013

Baby Clothing, How Big?

My cousin and I were having a discussion the other day about baby clothing and just how silly the sizings are, just a bad as the adult clothes really. 0-3 months clothes can sometimes be virtually the same size as some 3-6 month clothes, no wonder it takes our little ones so long to move on to the next size up!!

This doesn't just apply to shop bought baby clothing though. Oh no, I have quite a few knitted items made by my lovely Nannie that are definitely bigger than what the patterns say they should be.

I was looking back through some of Layla's baby photos and had a little chuckle when I kept noticing the same little pink knitted cardigan, you wouldn't know that it was one of my favourite items of baby clothing ;)

Here are two photos. The first one below is of Layla when she wass around 9 months old wearing the ever so lovely pink cardigan.

The second photo is of a not so little Layla from last weekend when she was just shy of 16 months old, still wearing that pink cardigan. The difference now is that she no longer needs to have the sleeves rolled up and it is the right length for her body.

I really love the fact that we have mananged to get so much wear out of this cardigan because I feel a lot of time I spend a lot of money on baby clothing for it to be grown out of in next to no time, I know I have had items in the past that still have the tags on because my girls grown before they have had the chance to wear it!!

 Are there items of baby clothing that your children have managed to wear for a substantial amount of time?



  1. We love Nanny knitted clothes too. Infact Emmy refuses to wear her yellow school jumper as prefers to wear Nanny's yellow cardi.
    Cute pics

  2. Sizes in childrens clothing is crazy, we can never find things that fit just right! Love the pink cardie, Layla has certainly made it last :-)

    1. why people can't all follow the same measurements I don't know!!

  3. We have lots of items that have seen wear with all three children but the best but has been a regatta puddle suit that fit us from 15 months to 3 and then was used for my son from 18 months to three and is now in the loft for termite!

  4. Sienna has definitely been in her clothes for longer than she should! haha! I turn her dresses into tops as they still fi ton the arms/belly, just a bit shorter! x

  5. Nanny knitted clothes are just fabulous aren't they. It's great to look back to see how long you've had something for. We have a couple of cardies my toddler wore last winter that still fit. Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. oh i love a knitted cardigan! she looks so cute in it! x

  7. awww i love the fact its been so well worn and well loved and saved a fortune along the way.. bonus!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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  9. Hi Chantelle, It's difficult to find things that fit just right! we never found :( but we enjoy it :)


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