Tuesday 19 November 2013

Mummy Cuddles

Ok to a lot of people this won't seem like anything special however I think one of those great moments as a parent is when you get a nice big cuddle off your child, you just can't beat the feeling it gives you. If you are feeling a little down, a cuddle is just the pick me up you need.

As my kids keep getting older (how do we stop that?), there seems to be a distinct lack of cuddles, even from my youngest daughter.

Since Layla learnt to move, she is not content unless she is roaming around doing something, so sitting on mummy's lap for more than a few seconds is not top of her agenda.

So yesterday when I was sat on the sofa and Layla came over and said "up", I won't lie, I was more than a little happy.

That cheeky monkey below made my day, I think we have to make the most of these little moments because soon enough it will be way too embarassing to be cuddling mummy.

Do your children still enjoy a good cuddle with you??



  1. My son is nearly 4 and at the moment we're in a really lovely cuddles, hugs and kisses stage. I'm making the most of every single moment while I can!

  2. There's nothing better than those cuddles! My daughter has never been that much of a cuddler - always on the go, no time for me! Little Man is much more likely to enjoy a cuddle, so I make the most of that ;)

  3. I love cuddles from 2 daughters, my eldest (5) is quite cuddly but only when she has done something wrong or wants something :( my youngest (17 months) can only give cuddles when she wants and at the minute if I dare to ask for one her reply is "nooooooooooooo"
    Where have my cuddly,snuggly babies gone?

  4. awww Chantelle what a lovely post and i have to agree that i think these moments are so lovely too.

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments xx

  5. Absolutely a top magic moment. Both my kids are very cuddly, especially my 1yo daughter, who seems to have irritatingly adopted my hair as a comfort object and loves nothing better than curling up on my lap, sucking her fingers and ripping my hair out. I do love the snuggles though. She's been ill this past week and has wanted constant hugs, which got a little annoying and restrictive, but still.. just so cute!

    Btw, what or who is Layla licking in the photo...?

    1. lol she stole one of her sister's dolls, she too has a love for hair and was fiddling with dolls instead of mine for a change :)


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