Tuesday 5 November 2013

My Big Christmas Wishlist

The Toadstool is a lovely company run by Niki, who as a mother herself, likes toys that are durable, educational and fun, as well as being ecologically friendly. She combined her knowledge from her professional business background and her experience as a mummy to create this online store which provides toys that both the child and parent will fall in love with.

Now Niki has had some help this year from her team of 'Toy Toad Testers', this helpful bunch have been trying and reviewing a range of toys from The Toadstool site, making sure they are up to scratch.

The time has come for some new Toy Toad Testers to be picked and what better way to do it than to run a competition. The task is simple, bloggers must write their Toadstool Christmas wishlist, picking atleast 5 toys stocked on The Toadstool site.

The title of my post says - My Big Christmas Wishlist but actually I mean my wishlist of what I would love for my children to have. I've scoured the whole range of toys on The Toadstool site including the soft toys, the wooden toys, the dressing up items and all the puzzles and games.

The decisions have been tough but I have managed to come up with a list that includes one toy for each of my four children and a toy that can be shared between them (and mummy too).

1. Katamino - the Gigamatic game

I chose this game for my 7 (almost 8 eek) year old daughter Elise because not only does she like a puzzle, she loves things that challenge her and this looks like something that would entertain for a long time.

2. Haba Pretend Play Doctor's Suitcase

I picked this wonderful set for my 5 year old Freya. My cheeky monkey of a daughter has always loved anything to do with role play. She actually told us the other week that she wanted to be a nurse like her Auntie Kylie when she grows up, so I thought this would be a nice way to live out those dreams early, even if only in make believe for now.

3. Plans Toys Alphabet A-Z Blocks

These beautiful wooden blocks would be for my 3 year old Gracie. She will be starting primary school next September and she is at the stage where she is very curious as to what her older sister's are doing when at school. At playschool she can recognise her own name and is keen to know what certain things say. I think this set would be a great way to introuduce her properly to the alphabet, both fun and educational at the same time.

4. Haba Doll Pram Hearts

Having four girls means that we often get doubles, triples of certain toys because we have just run out of new ideas of gifts to buy for them. However I think a dolls pram is something that every little girl should have. So I have picked this stunning wooden buggy for my 15 month old Layla, it is completely different to all the other prams we have had in the house (including my own) and I think the dolls will have fun having Layla push them around.

5. Janod Maxi Cooker Kitchen

I have picked this final toy for all of my girls to play with together. We have actually got a toy kitchen already but it is now 7 years old and because it is made of plastic, I'm afraid it is a bit worse for wear these days. I always wanted a wooden kitchen when I was little so I'm not ashamed to admit that this would be just as much for me as it would be for them.

As you might have noticed, I have gone for a wooden theme. I think that wooden toys not only last a lot longer than plastic ones but they look a lot nicer too, they just seem to have an overall better finish to them.

When I look back at the toys that I have selected, as well as being suitable for each individual child, they would actually be perfect for them all to play and have fun with together. What better toys to receive for Christmas than ones that can bring a family together.


* This is my entry into The Toadstools "My Big Christmas Wishlist" bloggers competition*


  1. Love, love, love the kitchen! Not too sure my boys would like the pink though! I would buy any of the above, they all look fab! Wooden toys last and last.....thanks Chantelle....great choices! x

    1. Haha they do a blue version too ;) xx

    2. brown ;) and we sell more kitchens to boys then to girls!

    3. oops must look at stock better :)

  2. Some gorgeous choices! I loved putting mine together for this - big fan of The Toadstool :)

    1. me too, I shall pop over and have a nosey at yours :) x

  3. I love wooden toys and have bought a fair few again this year for Christmas! You've got lots of great choices there! Good luck x

  4. Emmy has a very similar kitchen and we LOVE it.

    Good luck with the competition - we will be rooting for you

  5. i love your list and wooden toys are always fab because they last way longer! my fav has to be the first game i think even i would enjoy it!!
    good luck xx

  6. Brilliant choices, I love the kitchen!


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