Saturday 2 November 2013

Parragon Five Little Monkeys & Christmas Cookie Review

A while back I was very lucky to be sent a lovely bundle of books from Parragon. The girls and I really loved all of them so when I was offered the chance to review a couple more books from their ranges I was more than happy to accept.

With Christmas coming up fast, I have actually been on the look out for books suitable to give as presents to not only the girls but other family members too, Parragon must have sensed what I was thinking because I received two wonderful books, Five Little Monkeys which is perfect for Layla and a Christmas Cookie Stamp Set, ideal for all my little bakers.

So lets start with Five Little Monkeys. This lovely book is part of Parragons Little Learners collection, suitable for little ones aged 6 months and onwards. Coming in board book form, it measures roughly 12 x 12cm, which is an ideal size for little hands to grab hold of.

It is beautifully illustrated with gorgeous images and the font is written nice and clearly, my 5 year old took great pride in reading this book to her younger sisters.

The book itself contains 12 pages, not too long, so no time to get bored. With a peephole in the centre of the book, there is a cute little monkey puppet which you can move around as you sing along to the classic nursery rhyme five little monkeys. 

Fun and entertaining, it teaches hand eye coordination as well as the joys of interactive play. The size of the book makes it ideal to pop into your changing bag, ready for play time on the go. 

Priced at £3.99, I think this book would also make a perfect present or perhaps because of its size a stocking filler. There are other books in this series to choose from including incy wincy spider and this little piggy, I think I may have to invest in all of them!!


The second book I was sent was Christmas Cookie Stamp Set, part of Parragons Love Food range. I immediately loved this book before I had even opened it because I love love love Christmas.

Included in the set is a recipe book and an alphabet stamp which enables you to personalise your cookies. Of course to be able to review the set properly we had to make some cookies, such hardship.

Inside the book are 27 different recipes to choose from. The cookies which are suitable to be personalised have a 'Stamp Me' stamp marking the corner of the page. We decided to bake the Santa Sugar Cookies.
The recipes are extremely easy to follow, broken down into simple sections, the girls had lots of fun mixing up the ingredients.

The alphabet stamp is also easy to use. You cut the letters out and place them in the stamper, creating whatever words/message you wish to have written on your cookies. In the recipe book it instructs you on exactly how to go about stamping your cookies. We decided seen as it is the season to write Merry Xmas.

As you can see from the picture above, the letters cam out nice and clear and remain that way even after the cookies are baked.

Priced at £16, I really love this set as the recipe book, although for Christmas can be adpated to be used all year round and the alphabet stamp itself can be used to write whatever you want, making lovely personalised gifts for people, not only at Christmas but for any occasion including valentines day, easter etc.

Overall I am more than pleased with both books, the same great quality from all other Parragon books that I have read and used, I wouldn't hesistate in recommending them to others.


Disclaimer : These books were sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Love the Monkey book - Toddler is currently obsessed with 'oo-oo's so may have to look out for this one!

  2. haha, sounds like it would be a fab choice for your toddler then :)


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