Wednesday 13 November 2013

The A to Z of Me

A couple of weeks ago I was tagged in a Meme by the lovely Jaime from theoliversmadhouse and the lovely Gina from coldtea&smellynappies. The idea of this post is to let you know a little bit more about me but I have to say even though I know myself quite well, I struggled to fill up the alphabet!!!


Aquarius - This my star sign.


Blogger - I started my blog in , however it has only been this year that I have really started to add more content and connect with my readers, I'm looking forward to many more years of memories to write down and share with you all.


Christmas fanatic - Those that know me will tell you that I am the biggest kid when it comes to Christmas, I have my decorations up no later than the 1st of December!


Dover - This is the town I live in, you know by the white cliffs ;)


Exercise - I do like exercising, my favourite thing to do is stick my headphones on, turn my music up loud and go for a nice long run.


Four - Is the number of children I have.


Green - Well green sweets to be precise, I really detest them, not sure why.


Hairdresser - I am a qualified self employed Hairdresser.


Ibiza - We have been on holiday to Ibiza 3 times now, Daddy Hazelden has actually been 5 times, we plan to go back there again!!!


Just Dance - We love to play this game as a family on the kinect, I win every time :)


Knitting - Ok I'm not very good at it but I do like to sit and knit when I get the time.


Left - I am left handed unlike everyone else in my family.


Mummy - Is what I am known as to my children and it is a word I like hearing often.


Netball - I used to play a lot of netball when I was at school.


Oakley - This is the brand of sunglasses that my husband is obssessed with, 16 pairs and counting.


Pushchairs - I may have a teeny tiny addiction to pushchairs, I can't remember how many I have had over all but just for Layla I have had 5.


Questions - I am asked a lot of questions by my children and I really wish I knew the answers to all of them.


Reading - This is my favourite thing to do when I get the chance, I am currently re reading twilight, I think this may be the fifth time.


Sleep - Something that is hard to come by these days.


Tele - This is my nickname, a shortening of my name, Chantelle.


Uncle Alec - This is my little brother and my children's favourite uncle.


Voting - I don't vote, can't see the point because things never seem to change for the better no matter who is in charge.


Wraps - As well as being a pushchair addict, I am also a wrap addict, I love babywearing.


X-ray vision - Wouldn't that be a great thing to have.


Young - This is how I look, I am constantly being id'd, I'm told it's a good thing.


Zizzi - Is an Italian restaurant that I really like and where I spent part of my hen night.

Phew, what a list!! Now to tag some other lovely bloggers so I can read all about them :

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  1. yay, i love Zizzi's too :-) and i am a pushchair addict!! lol i cant believe your hubbys got 16 pairs of sunglasses .. i thought i was bad with 4! xxx

    1. Haha, he keeps telling me it is the "last" pair!!! xx

  2. Thanks for the tag! I am looking forward to trying this. I am also a pushchair addict as you know - seems there are several of us out there!

  3. Ooh you did well thinking of something for 'z'! Like Jaime said, how does your husband get away with purchasing 16 pairs of sunglasses and you with 5 pushcahirs lol! Great to get to know more about you and I'm with you on the 'green sweets', think it's the lime flavour yuk!

    1. He gets away with it because he has a really lovely wife ;) The kids get all my green sweets :) x

  4. What a great idea! I'm with you on the babywearing addiction, except for me its slings rather than wraps! #MMWBH

    1. I have a couple of everything lol, they are just so pretty x

  5. Great to learn more about you - I've just done mine, too!

  6. I love reading these A-Zs! :)

  7. Great list! I love knowing more about the writer behind the blog :) Thank you for sharing it! x #mmwbh

  8. Oh wow you're really patient thinking of something for every letter, must've taken ages! I'm not keen on pushchairs but I'm also a wrap addict, baby wearing is amazing. I have two big dogs and a little girl that likes to walk but is still little enough to not be able to walk all the time so I just couldn't manage the dogs, the pushchair and Libby walking so wraps are definitely the way forward for me. At the moment I've got a really lovely ring sling that I'm totally addicted to :)


    1. It took a while to think of something for every letter :) I love my ring sling for quick trips out!! xx


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