Friday 6 December 2013

Brothermax Non Contact Thermometer Review

I love products from Brothermax, the bunny carry and hang night light is a huge favourite in this house. So when I was asked to review their new non contact thermometer, I was keen to see just how good it was.

The concept is great, many parents struggle to take little ones temperatures because they either won't sit still for long enough or they hate the idea of having a thermometer in their mouth or under their arm, so a non contact thermometer sounds perfect to some.

The Brothermax non contact thermometer not only takes your littles ones temperature, you can also switch modes and have it take the room temperature too.

borthermax non contact thermometer

The thermometer is so simple to use, at first I honestly thought I must be doing something wrong because it seemed too easy.

You just need to switch it on, hold close to their forehead, around 3-5cm away and press the button, the thermometer will beep when a reading has been taken and this literally takes all of a couple of seconds and the LCD screen clearly displays the reading. You can mute the beeping sound if you are taking your childs temperature whilst they are sleeping, a really handy feature.

What I really love is the added light on the back that will shine green, orange or read depending on the result, making it simple to understand. Green means temperature is good, orange means slightly raised and red means they have a high temperature.

The thermometer stores the last 19 temperature readings so you can monitor how your little ones is doing and it is a great reference to have if you need to talk to a doctor too.

You can buy this thermometer from boots or amazon costing £39.99, I think it is a fairly reasonable price for a product that will no doubt get used a lot over the years. I can confirm it is quite accurate too as I also tested my little ones temperature with a different thermometer and the temperatures were different by only 0.1 degrees. A genius product that will certainly take a bit of stress out of a situation when your child is ill.


Disclaimer : This product was sent to me free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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