Monday 16 December 2013

My Traditional Christmas

The Christmas season brings with it lots of festive traditions but I don't think there is such a thing as a traditional Christmas anymore.

There used to be the 12 days of Christmas and if I am honest, I am not even sure when that is supposed to start. A traditional Christmas dinner is Turkey but I've heard people having things like salmon instead.

People nowadays take parts of some traditions and mix it up with some of their own and we are no different in the Hazelden household, so I thought I would share with you a little bit of what a traditional Christmas is like in our home.

1. Start watching Christmas films on the 1st of November.

You probably all think I'm mad but I love a good festive film and seen as I buy atleast one new one every year, we have alot to watch and you can't watch them just once you know!!

2. Decorations go up on the 1st of December.

I like to make the most of having our decorations up, 12 days to me just isn't long enough and I think having the Christmas tree, the paper chains, the tinsel etc up makes the place feel more cosy.

3. Change my ringtone to something festive

Every year on the 1st December I pick a new Christmas ringtone, this year I have Elton John's Step into Christmas. Cheers me up everytime my phone rings :)

4. When wrapping presents Christmas music must be played and a little mulled wine helps too.

If you are like me, you probably find the idea of wrapping a mound of presents a rather daunting task. I admit I am awful at doing it, you would definitely be able to pick put which present was from me and no it isn't because I'm a tad tipsy from a glass or three of wine whilst attempting to wrap ;)

5. One sweet can be eaten Christmas eve.

I always see alot of people saying that they have bought the sweets for Christmas only to go and eat them all and need to buy more before Christmas has even arrived. In our house the sweets get bought and hidden and do not under any circumstances get opened until Christmas eve, of course after that they don't last very long at all.

6. Read the Night Before Christmas to the children at bed time on Christmas eve.

Now this is a tradition I have carried on from when I was a little girl, my daddy always used to read it to me and it is something that I have carried on with my own children, thanks to my dad buying me my own copy when I moved out. My little brother can recite the whole book without even looking at it!!

7. Open stockings on the bed before we go downstairs Christmas morning.

When I was younger we didn't have stockings, we got one present at the end of our beds, I always felt like I was missing out somehow so even before my eldest daughter was born, I had bought her a stocking ready. The trouble is I always seem to buy too many stocking fillers as the stockings are normally overflowing with gifts.

8. Presents are left on the Christmas tree to open Boxing day.

We have what are cleverly called Christmas tree presents, see what I did there! There is one present for each member of the family that is placed on the tree and left there til boxing day, just makes the fesitivities last a bit longer.

So what is a traditional Christmas like in your house?



  1. Hello Chantelle! This is such a sweet post, I can't wait for all these traditional things in our family this year with our baby boy being here. I'll be reading him The Night Before Christmas too. Can you believe I haven't watched a Christmas film yet this year though! I must get to it seeing as you began on November 1st! ;) I'm a new follower via the Magnificent Monday Facebook and Blog Linky. I'm now following your lovely blog via Bloglovin. Would love if you could take the time to check out mine too Have a wonderful day! Love from Ireland :)

    Fiona @

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Fiona, Christmas is such a special time, especially when you have children of your own, have fun creating your own family traditions!! xx

  2. I listen to Christmas music while wrapping too - essential. And Christmas movies - love that channel 5 shows them daily (cheesy ones noone's ever heard of) in the run up.
    Our christmas is never that traditional because the men all have to go and do the feeding in morning and afternoon, so stockings is N and myself without the OH (who doesn't have them anyway), and it all gets a bit lost in the afternoon until teatime when all the family pile in to have ham and turkey rolls followed by trifle. Lush

    1. I love the cheesy films :) and ham n turkey rolls really do sound lush!! x

  3. What a fabulous post - love how you're embracing the festive spirit! Need to take a leaf out of your book with the chocolates, we keep eating them! We have seen Frozen at the cinema - awesome, do go if you've not already. Decorations were up on the 1st December this year though - our toddler turns 3 on Christmas Day so we're trying to make it all the more special :)

    1. I'm desperate to see frozen!!! love a good disney film :) aaawww special birthday!!! xx

  4. Only one sweet? You meanie! *runs off to change ringtone to christmas music* - fab idea! x

    1. lol yes but they more than make up for that one the next day :) x


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