Tuesday 11 March 2014

An Interview With Gracie, Age 4 Years Old

The lovely Kate at Family Fever came up with a fab idea for a post a few weeks back. The idea is that you get to interview your child and see what they really think of you as their mummy. Below is what my 4 year old Gracie thinks of me :

1. What is something Mummy always says to you?
Flush the toilet.

2. What makes Mummy happy?

3. What makes Mummy sad?
When I'm gone.

4. How does Mummy make you laugh?
When she tickles me.

5. What was your Mummy like as a child?

6. How old is your Mummy?
14 (this is debatable lol)

7. How tall is your Mummy?
Very tall but Daddy is the tallest in the family and we're the smallest.

8. What is your Mummy's favourite thing to do?
Eat food.

9. What does your Mummy do when you're not around?
Sit down and do something on the computer.

10. If your mummy becomes famous, what will it be for?
She would do good singing on the X Factor.

11. What is your Mummy really good at?
Tidying up.

12. What is your Mummy not very good at?
Not very good at carrying.

13. What does your Mummy do for her job?
She is a mummy.

14. What is your Mummy's favourite food?
Strawberries and cheese.

15. What makes you proud of your Mummy.
I'm proud when she tidies up.

16. If your Mummy was a cartoon character, who would she be?
Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

17. What do you and your Mummy do together?
Learning my numbers.

18. How are you and your Mummy the same?
We both have glasses.

19. How are you and your mummy different?
Our hair is different.

20. How do you know your Mummy loves you?
Because she's good.

21. What does your Mummy like most about your Daddy?
His kisses.

22. Where is your Mummy's favourite place to go?
To Ibiza.

I have to say some of her answers made me chuckle, oh to be young. So now I am going to tag Jo from sitstillmonkeys, Jocelyn from thereadingresidence and Sarah from mumofthreeworld, looking forward to reading those interviews.



  1. Oh, I love this! I laughed at the fact that you're not very good at carrying! Thanks for the tag, will go & interview Boo...!

    1. I know right, I thought I'd mastered that skill lol x

  2. This is so lovely! Thanks for the tag, I'm really going to enjoy doing this :)

  3. I am doing a tag as well. I have tagged you. http://giraffeinthebath.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/this-week-in-photos.html

    1. have just popped over, will definitely join in x

  4. I just love this! Gracie is so sweet and her answers are fab! I love these, so thanks for the tag. I shall look forward to interviewing my eldest monkey! xx

    1. Was so funny asking her the questions, think I will have to do the others at some point as well, have fun with your interview!! x

  5. what a lovely idea!! i think i need to do this with finn too!

    1. It is a fab idea!! would love to read it if you decide to do it x

  6. Haha I love this! The answer to number 21 is cute :) I don't have a little one to interview (only a cat, don't think that would go down too well) but I will pass this on to my readers at Visit from the Stork. xx

    1. thank you!! I'm sure the cat would make for an interesting interview ;) x

  7. What a great post! Hahaha, I love that she wants to be like Princess Bubblegum too, lol. I think I'd be too afriad to interview my two younger ones, LORD knows what they'd say! lmao! x

  8. Oh bless. I love how she thinks you're not very good at carrying but is proud when you tidy up. Too cute!

  9. Cute answers. I giggled at the 'Not very good at carrying' and that she's proud when you tidy. Now, are the strawberries and cheese eaten together?! I love how they see things! x

    1. It is amazing seeing the world through a childs eyes x


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