Monday 3 March 2014

Read With Me #9

Wow that is 2 months of year already gone. Last month I managed to read 19 books but I think I also managed to lose quite a few hours sleep due to me getting so engrossed in the stories I was reading. For this weeks read with me, I had in mind the set of books that I wanted to review, however, shock horror, I didn't actually finish them, so that review will have to wait.

read with me
So instead, I have decided to recommend a set of books to you that I have read and re read time and time again.

I love the Shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella. You need to read all of the books in order :

* Confessions Of a Shopaholic

* Shopaholic Takes Manhatten

* Shopaholic Ties the Knot

* Shopaholic and Sister

* Shopaholic and Baby

* Mini Shopaholic

The books tell the story of Becky Bloomwood, a twenty five year old girl who dreams of a lavish lifestyle that she just can't afford. Each book follows Becky through a different stage of her life, we see her fall in love, get married, have children but you also see all of her quirkiness and hilarious goings on too.

sophie kinsella shopaholic series

This set of books is laugh out loud funny. Extremely easy to read, so perfect for all of you that struggle to find the time to read, or maybe have kids distracting you, I have never had a problem with putting these down and picking them back up later on.

Sophie Kinsella has a way of engaging you as a reader, I think even if you aren't a "shopaholic", you can find yourself nodding along and saying, yep I've done that or I've thought about doing that.

If you have seen the film but not read the books then I seriously advice you to make the effort to read the books as the film did them no justice what so ever.

So now I've had my say, what book posts do you all have for me this week?? If you are new to #ReadWithMe, take a look at the idea of it here. Just remember all book related posts welcome, try and comment on some of the other posts that link up and lastly I would love it if you would display my badge. Happy reading everyone.


  1. Added this to my book list! x

  2. Oh, yes, I've read these! They are properly funny, and I really love her bank manager correspondence :)


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