Friday 21 March 2014

The Girls Bring Spring to Life

One of my favourite linkys is Draw With Me over on This Mummy Loves. I love it because it is something that my girls can get involved with. The idea is that each month a new theme is set and your child has to draw something that relates to that theme. This month the theme is Spring, very appropriate.

Both Elise and Gracie decided to join in.

Elise (8) drew something which she titled Spring Song, the focus was on all the newly sprung flowers, she even included the orange one which is currently growing in our garden.

spring flowers

Gracie (4) drew herself surrounded by lots of little Easter eggs and beautiful butterflies.

spring drawing

I think it is safe to say the Spring has officially arrived.


This Mummy Loves...


  1. Both lovely, colourful pics! I do love the idea of being surrounded by Easter eggs ;-)

  2. Awww such lovely drawings! I love Elise's flowers and that very happy sunshine and adore Gracie's pretty butterflies and all this yummy Easter eggs :) Thank you for joining in with us again!

    1. Thank you for hosting! Gracie literally learnt to draw butterflies yesterday :) x

  3. Really cute pictures! x

  4. Gorgeous pictures #drawwithme x


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