Friday 2 May 2014

Introducing the LeapBand

You may have noticed the shiny new badge on the side of blog. I am a very lucky lady because I have been chosen to be part of LeapFrogs blogger panel this year. This means I get to tell all you lovely readers all about the latest releases coming from LeapFrog and bring you some fantastic reviews to let you know just how good they are!!! First up is the LeapBand. 

I will be receiving the LeapBand for review in a couple of weeks but for now I thought I would tell you a little bit about what it is and just what you can expect!!

LeapBand is the first wearable activity tracker for children. 

It has been designed to get them active and learning about healthy eating habits whilst still managing to have fun.

It combines personalised virtual pet play with physical activities.

It also doubles up as a digital and analogue watch.

There are 50 different activities and challenges which track your child's movements, the more active your child is, the more points they earn with their virtual pet. Whilst earning points they can also unlock additional games, challenges levels of play and virtual rewards for their pet!!

 Here's what LeapFrog have to say :

“We understand that helping a child reach their full potential not only includes helping them learn numbers and letters, but encouraging them to establish healthy habits and get the exercise they need every day through play,” said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. “LeapBand is a great way to get kids up and active and help them develop a strong foundation for healthy lifestyles. LeapBand takes inspiration from the growing trend of adult fitness wearable technology and makes it perfect for kids by bringing the fun and play of physical activities to life with their very own virtual pets. One of the best parts of the LeapBand experience is that kids will have so much fun playing they may not realise all of the physical exercise they are experiencing and the healthy habits they are learning.”

The LeapBand activity comes with eight different customisable pets which you may recognise from LeapFrog’s popular Pet Pals, the pets include a cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot and unicorn, all of which can be customised by colour and name. 

There are mini-games to play with your pets including Pet Boogie, Pet Chef and Pet Salon. Kids will have fun completing a variety of activities including “Walk like a crab,” “Spin like a helicopter” and “Pop like popcorn”

The great thing with the LeapBand is that no additional equipment is required!!

The LeapBand activity tracker (RRP £29.99, for children 4 to 7 years old) will be available in green, pink, blue and orange online and at major UK retail locations in August 2014. The colours make it perfect for boys and girls alike.

Additional activities and challenges are free and available for download via LeapFrog Connect for LeapBand. 

For more information about the LeapBand you can take a look on the site at


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    1. Isn't it, I think I might love it more than the kids will x

  2. That sounds pretty awesome. Will look forward to reading your review. x

  3. I've never seen these before, looks like a great idea! x

    1. I'm always impressed with what LeapFrog come up with x

  4. Looks amazing for the little ones! x

    1. come on Honey us older ones will have fun with it too ;) x

  5. This looks really really cool! x


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