Monday 14 July 2014

Read With Me #28

Another week has flown by, I read 6 books last week, I've now read over 100 books this year, this reading mallarky is addictive!!

My own personal book recommendation to you this week is Playing In The Rain by Jane Harvey-Berrick.

It is only a short book at around 182 pages but it was long in enough to pull me in.

It is another one where I think you will need tissues handy, it is an emotional, beautiful love story that is mixed with sadness.

It is only 77p at the moment on kindle so well worth a look.

So you lovely lot linked up some great posts last week, here are a couple of them incase you missed the post.

Victoria over at Verily Victoria Vocalises recommended a fantastic new interactive series for kids aged 8-14 year olds. Have a read all about The Lost World Diaries.

And Jess from Catch a Single Thought recommended a book which was a twist on the classic Robin Hood tale, have look at what she thougt of Hood by Stephen Lawhead.

Now on to the link up. If you are a new comer please take a look at what #ReadWithMe is all about here.

As for all you regulars, get linking up those book posts. It would be appreciated if you could comment on a couple of the other posts linked up and as always I am forever grateful if you can link back or display my badge.


Happy reading.


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