Wednesday 16 July 2014

Reading the New LEGO Friends Magazine

My girls are very much into their comics and they were lucky enough a couple of months ago to get the chance to receive a copy of Girl Talk when they launched their #girlsrule campaign.

This month sees the release of a brand new magazine, LEGO Friends, again my daughter's were kindly sent the first copy to look at and enjoy.

lego friends magazine
This comic is based on the now widely popular toy franchise and is aimed primarily at girls aged between 7-11 although I would say it is fine for younger girls too as my 4 year old really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and activities.

Packed with puzzles, quizzes, stories, competitions and posters, this magazine brings the characters from the toy range to life on paper.

The magazine came with a gift, Charlie the puppy, so adorable!!! And I am informed that each new issue will feature an exclusive LEGO Friends toy.

charlie the puppy lego friends

If you have younger children just watch out for the small pieces of lego, although I think we as parents need to watch out for them too, I have stepped on LEGO many a time and all I can say is ouch!!

So what did my girls enjoy the most about this magazine??

Elise says "I loved finding out that I was like Olivia in one of the quizzes"

Freya says "My favourite part was the posters because the animals on them were cool"

Gracie says "I loved the toy because it was so cute."

It was nice to see them sitting down both by themselves and together as a group reading, playing and chatting about what was on each page.

Each issue costs £3.25 which is no more than expensive than other magazines but I think it is better value for money purely for the exclusive toy you receive each time. Although aimed at girls I would have no problem with my nephew or godson reading it too!!

Overall a lovely comic which is fun and entertaining.


Disclaimer : I was given a lego friends magazine subscription in exchange for this post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My daughter's travel treat is a comic so I'll look out for this next time we fly. I used to buy the Duplo one when she was younger which also came with a free toy. I'm prepared to pay for a comic if it has a quality toy with it, some comics come with some very tacky toys!

  2. Its nice to have a magazine that actually comes with a decent freebie. My 2 love lego and we have buckets of it so this would fit in nicely :-)x#readwithme

  3. We're like Catherine, we buy our daughter a magazine when we are heading off on longer car journeys or holidays. I find they are hit and miss and, to be fair, she's a bit too young to really follow them. This looks good quality and I like that you get lego - something you can do something with...which can't be said for a lot of the free "gifts" (and I use the term with tounge in cheek) in other magazines. Emma @purplemulberries

    (p.s. this may be the third time I've posted it - my Google ID doesn't seem to want to work - if so, sorry!)

  4. My boys love reading the magazines from the Lego Club. I think they do a Lego Friends version too


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