Monday 11 August 2014

Colin The Crab Book Review

I've been reviewing quite a few books that are more for myself lately so when I was asked to review a childrens book recently, I knew my girls would be happy when it arrived in the post.

gone crabbing

Gone Crabbing founder Susie Mason has teamed up with the wonderful illustrator Robert Crowther to produce Colin the Crab. A lovely pop up book that comes with a poignant message, how even the smallest of creatures should be treated with respect.

The story follows Colin the Crab and his friends including Sally the Starfish and Mike the Mussel.

These small sea creatures live quite happily in their remote rock pool.

colin the grab book

That is until one day Colin's friends get scooped up in a bucket by a couple of kids who are out exploring the beach.

The book is simply written yet really effective.

The illustrations are bright and fun.

With flaps to lift up and tabs to pull, there is something new to do on each page, really allowing your child to get involved with the story.

colin the crab

Now I don't know about you, but I have taken my children rock pooling, I however have to be honest that I didn't know the rules about doing it though.

What this book teaches young children is that you should only take a couple of creatures at any time and make sure you continuely add cool sea water throughout the day so the creatures don't get too hot.

The lovely Colin has even released a You Tube video to show you exactly "how to go crabbing"

We really liked the book. 

The story was very well written. 

With the mixture of the interactive pop up parts and the added bonus of learning as you read, it made a really interesting book

A perfect book for these lovely Summer days and we're are glad to have it sitting on our book shelf.

You can purchase the book for £7.99 from Gone Crabbing online as well as from Gone Crabbing stockists throughout the UK. 


Disclaimer : I was sent the book as well as gift set FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Ah what a lovely idea for a children's book!

  2. My son always loved pop up books, I miss reading them now he's a teen. Lovely book.

  3. Colin the Crab sounds a fun story :o) We love pop-up books, they're definitely not just for the littlest people!

  4. Oh this looks so cute!! Pond dipping? We so must get out & do that before the end of summer.

  5. that looks like a fab book! Finnster loves pop up books!

  6. What a lovely looking book. I love pop up ones, kep the kids entertained for ages!


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