Wednesday 6 August 2014

Dry Like Me Review

I am now approaching one of the last milestones that paves the way for Layla to become more of a child than a baby, potty training.

Getting my kids out of nappies has always been one of the more stressful times when it comes to parenting.

Dry Like Me potty training pads are here to help make the transition from nappies to knickers/pants an easier process for both parents and children.

dry like me potty training pads

This clever product was invented by mums, mums who have similar experiences with potty training, they know about the accidents and mountains of washing.

The pads are essentially like sanitary towels. You can use one or two, either in the front or the back or both at the same time.

dry like me potty training pads

What I love is that they come in different absorbency strengths :

Early days for when you are just starting out.
Standard Dry Like Me pads for when they are getting more confident.
Nigh time for when they have achieved dryness during the day and now tackling being dry at night.

Each pad is soft and flexible, making them comfortable to wear. They stick easily into the undewear and each box even comes with a ziplock bag to either carry clean ones in or to pop a dirty pad when you are out and about.

dry like me potty training pads

I have been following their Potty Training Live this year and even though I have been through this three times already, I have gained a huge amount of knowledge on how to approach the subject with Layla.

Seeing the signs that she is ready, knowing how to handle those moments when you feel like giving up and putting the nappy back on.

Having said that I thought that Layla was ready, she has been showing signs of understanding what is going on and a lot of the time she will tell me after she has wee'd or pooed.

However after two weeks of trying, I have decided to stop.

She will happily wear knickers and she can hold her wee for many hours but she refuses to wee on the potty or toilet, although she doesn't mind weeing in the garden ;)

She has only just turned 2, so still young and although displaying some signs of being ready, I don't think she quite understands fully what is expected of her yet.

And since we are in the middle of moving house, I thought it would be best to wait until we are settled in our new home.

I can however highly recommend Dry Like Me potty training pants.

When Layla did wee on the pads, they were extremely absorbant and being priced at around £8-14 for 56-72 pads, they are a lot cheaper to use than normal pull up nappies.


Disclaimer : I was sent these pads free of charge for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. These sound great!! They do look a lot like sanitary towels.

  2. Potty training is my least favourite part of parenting lol. I like that you can use these instead of pull ups, so your little one can still wear normal pants, and feel grown up. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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