Friday 22 August 2014

I Think I'm Turning Into My Mum

Back in the day I always swore I would never be like my mum.

Come on you all said it too didn't you.

Trouble is I'm noticing more and more that I am saying/doing those things that I was adament I'd never do.

Here are five things I bet you've noticed too :

1. You start muttering things under your breath.

We always said my mum had a friend named Arthur, all the time she was calling him , "oh for…."

2. Those sayings that used to really annoy you as a child, it's like torrets they keep popping out.

Just because.

Your face will freeze like that.

You'll live.

I want doesn't get.

Go ask your dad.

3. Comfort is key

When I was younger I wouldn't step out the house without make up painted on my face. I needed to wear high heels, trainers were just a no no and the best push up bra was essential.

Now I'm lucky to have time to wash my face and brush my hair. I dread wearing heels and I can't wait to pull that pesky bra off, aaaaaa (highlight of my day).

4. Tissues everywhere

It started with my nan, she always had a hanky up her sleeve. Then I noticed that my mum always had a travel pack of tissues in her bag.

Now it seems like a full blown disaster if I don't have a packet of tissues or wipes handy.

You never know when there might be a snotty nose to be wiped or a spillage of food/drink to mop up. Or of course a dirty face to clean, the classic spit and wipe cleaning technique comes in to play ;)

5. Buying things for yourself is a thing of the past

I could never understand why my mum always walked around in the same clothes, why she didn't often go out, it was always a case of 'later' where my mum was concerned.

I get it now.

I would rather spend my money on my kids than myself.

Their needs come before my own.

I dreaded being like my mum when I was younger, she was embarrassing and so not cool.

I guess I'm just realising how nieve that was of me.

Now going through the same things that my mum did with me, I'm starting to appreciate why she did what she did and why she said what she said.

It is like coming full circle. Now it is my turn to be the embarrassing parent, even her old friend Arthur has made a come back ;)



  1. Hehe love this. Scary but true

  2. My sister is 10 years older than me so I noticed her getting just like mum and now - yes I know I have done it too. Guess our mothers weren't so bad after all, cos we're just fine.


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