Monday 25 August 2014

Joining Parragon's #summerwithgoldstars

Just because it is the Summer holidays doesn't mean that your kids have to stop learning.

Infact keeping their education going over the holidays can prove to be just as entertaining as playing with their toys and games.

This year Parragon launched their Summer With Gold Stars challenge in a bid to help parents keep their little ones engaged and learning over the long holiday period.

Parragon's Gold Stars range of workbooks are packed full of fun, clearly illustrated learning activities.

With Gracie starting school in September, we were sent the Ready For School Big WorkBook.

gold stars ready for school big workbook

Parragon's Gold Stars books lend support for things such as Maths, English, language and Phonics and they have ranges to help children from preschool right up to key stage 2.

The Ready For School Big Workbook covers it all :


With fun drawings to colour in and lots of dot to dots and line work to help with letter formation and bright illustrations to keep them looking, this workbook certainly held Gracie's interest.

I've been sitting down with Gracie each day and doing a couple of pages at a time.

After a week or so of doing it, she was actually the one reminding me and asking when we could get her book out.

Gracie has never been one to sit still for long, so it was nice to see her so enthusiatic about learning, makes me less nervous over the thought of her starting school.

I have to say the gold stars definitely helped. You get a sheet of gold stars attached to the front of the book, enough to put one on each page of work which is completed.

A lovely little reward for a job well done!!

The workbook that we received costs £3.99, a real bargain for what is included inside. 

Parents will be happy to know that the books reflect the national curriculum and they really are great source of information to help your children build on the skills they are learning or have already learnt.

Have your children joined in with the #summerwithgoldstars challenge??


Disclaimer : I was sent this workbook FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This looks great, I can't wait to start doing things like this with S; I've always loved these workbooks (I don't get out much)

  2. Looks like a fab idea for older children, something I will look out for when Nancy is a bit older! X

  3. These look fun and gold stars also help :)

  4. Love a good workbook! My 4 year old grandson is up to these now


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