Saturday 2 August 2014

Project 365 Days 208 - 214

This week has been another busy week.

Unfortunately someone has put an offer in to buy our house so the landlord wants us out by the end of August. Now to pack everything up.

In-between boxing up all our belongings we have managed trips to the park, visits to Nannie, picnics, lots of outdoor play oh and who could forget, a special birthday too!!!

Take a look at this weeks project 365 photos.

Day 208

We were helping my mum move a few things around in her house and whilst we were busy, the kids invaded their Uncle Alec's bedroom.

Day 209

Today was Layla's 2nd birthday so todays picture was dedicated to the cheeky monkey :)

Day 210

Hoola hooping and skipping in the garden.

Day 211

Pinic time!!

Day 212

A trip to the park near nannie's house, the girls got to spend time with their cousin (this is a rare occurence unfortunately)

Day 213

Early morning group reading/computing session.

Day 214

Today the girls have all been showing off their skateboarding skills on the prize we won over on TheBoyandMe's blog.


TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Awww! Happy birthday to Layla! It looks like a fun week!!!!!!!!!! x

  2. Happy birthday to L! Sorry to hear about your house and hope you find something else soon.

  3. Happy birthday Layla - how is she 2?! Love the hula hooping and skipping in the garden. #365

  4. Happy Birthday to Layla. Hope the packing goes well, and you have found another house.

  5. Oh no sorry to hhear about your house. Have you managed to find somewhere else yet? Hope you're ok huni. The girls look like they've had a great week xx #Project365

  6. Sorry to hear that you have to move. The same thing happened to us this time last year. I hope that you find somewhere you're happy with soon, if you haven't already.
    Happy 2nd birthday to Layla, hope she had a lovely day.
    Loving the picture of the girls' invading their uncle's room, looks like their is proper mischief afoot! x

  7. Great photos of them all at the park and hoopla-ing in the garden, love how you manage to get them all doing something different but on the same theme.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  8. awww hope she has a lovely birthday! i dont know where you find your energy from lovely you always fit in loads! xx

  9. Lovely photo of Layla, hope she had a wonderful birthday. Looks like a great picnic and I love the hula hopping :) Sorry to hear about the house, hope you find somewhere else soon x

  10. I hope you house move goes quickly and smoothly as can be, especially for the holidays too! Happy Birthday to Layla too! x


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