Wednesday 17 September 2014

LeapPad 3 from LeapFrog Review

As an ambassador for LeapFrog this year, I get to bring you all the latest news on up and coming releases etc as well as having the chance to test out some of the newest product.

Recently we were very kindly sent the LeapPad 3 to test out and review.

leapfrog leappad 3

Easy to set up, simply connect to your computer using the USB cable provided and follow the on screen instructions. This process takes around 15 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

The latest tablet in the LeapPad range on first look seems remarkably similar to the LeapPad 2 re size and style however when you turn it on and get started, you soon discover that LeapFrog have made some changes that really help to improve an already amazing product.

Unlike the LeapPad 2, the LeapPad 3 comes with a rechargable built in lithion ion battery.

leapfrog leappad 3

The video recorder has been improved from 240p to 480p, creating a much clearer recording.

And the LeapPad 3 also allows your children to access the internet through kid safe WiFi which is powered by Zui.

I have previously reviewed the LeapPad Ultra and I have to say I much prefer the LeapPad 3.

Just as durable with a shock absorbing frame and protective screen, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight, making it more suitable for little hands to hold on to it.

The included stylus is much better as well in my opinion because it has a soft nib, meaning the screen won't obtain any scratches, no matter how how hard the screen is tapped.

leappad 3 stylus

Like the other LeapPads, it comes with apps included and has parent settings which allow you to control what your children can do when playing.

You have access to LeapFrogs library of over 700 games and apps which are designed to be fun as well as aiding your children in learning many new skills.

One thing the girls really loved because they now have 2 LeapPads, is that they can use the Pet Chat app. I've found my eldest two talking to each other via their LeapPad's whilst one is sat downstairs and one is sat upstairs.

Available in green and pink, the LeapPad 3 is suitable for boys and girls. Recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 9, I think it has appeal for both children and their parents because it is fun with an educational angle.

Even my 2 year old managed to work out how to use it.

With a RRP of £89.99, this tablet performs well and with so many new games, books and videos available to buy for it, there is a new exciting adventure to be discovered each time it is used.

I think this will be on the Christmas lists for a lot of children this year.


Disclaimer : I was sent the LeapPad 3 FOC however all thoughts and opinionsa are my own.


  1. Love the look of this, a perfect introduction to tablets for little ones. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. That looks fantastic! I can imagine a lot of little one's being very happy with that come Christmas x

  3. its certainly on our list for Joshua .. we love LeapFrog :-)

  4. I love this! It looks perfect to introduce our LO to tablets without him breaking our iPad :) Would love it if you shared your review on #britmumsreviews as well

  5. I think this will be on our Christmas list too. Bella has been using a friend's leap pad and is fixated with it! Would be nice for her to have one of her own :) x x


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