Wednesday 1 October 2014

Making S'mores With a Little Help From Flamers

Recently I was lucky enough to an exclusive S'mores Kit from Certainly Wood. The package contained  : Fire Starter Kit which included kiln dried logs, kiln dried kindling, Flamers Natural Firelighters and CW Matches as well as all of the ingredients to make some yummy s'mores.

flamers natural firelighters

Now the actual star of the show is the Flamer Natural Firelighter.

These natural firelighters from Certainly Wood are untreated, wax dipped fine wood shavings. Designed to be used for all fire lighting be it Summer or Winter, Flamers are perfect for even a novice fire starter like me ;)

My husband actually bought a chimnea last year and I have to admit it got neglected because we struggled to light a fire and keep it lit inside of it. Flamers changed this.

Not only were they easy to light, they burned for longer than I expected too.

You can see from the video created by Certainly Wood below just how simple lighting a fire can be with the right tools and know how.

Of course the highlight for my girls was making the s'mores. We decided to make two kinds, a set of digestive biscuit and dark chocolate ones and a set of Ritz cracker and milk chocolate ones.


The marshmallow was gorgeously gooey after melting over the fire (make sure to have an adult do this!!)

Flamers Natural Firelighters are available in packs of 24 or 50 and can be purchased from as little as £3.49 (£5 delivery charge when bought by themselves).

I'm looking forward to using our Chimnea more often now.

With the help of Flamers we will be able to sit by the warmth and glow of the fire during colder Winter nights and I am definitely excited for when next Summer's BBQ season rolls around. 

Flamers certainly make the process of lighting a fire less complicated.

Man or woman will make fire!!


Disclaimer : I was sent the s'more kit FOC for reviewing purposes however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. gosh those smores look lovely! I wish we had a chimnea im hoping for one next year

    1. We love ours, especially now that the hubby can actually keep a fire lit in it. great for cooking the odd bit of BBQ food on too :)

  2. These look so damn tasty woman! lol! I must make them! lol x


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